Custom Infiniti Dash Trim Kits

A dash kit is the best way to give your Infiniti the added touch of luxury and style it needs to tip it over the edge from being a great car to a museum worthy piece of automotive elegance. Whether you want to add the look and feel of a supple brown leather dash kit to your QX70, refresh the look of your M45's interior with a woodgrain dash kit or add subtle touches of brushed aluminum trim to your G37, there's just no better way to do it than with an Rvinyl dash kit. We carry the largest selection of Infiniti custom dash kits anywhere for all models and with the widest range of finishes as well as the lowest prices. If it sounds like it's too good to be true we invite you to browse our selection and you'll see that you can get a complete Infiniti dash kit for under $50. So, what are you waiting for? Buy today before we have to raise our prices!

Infiniti: Elevating Automotive Design

Infiniti, the luxury marque of Japanese automotive power house Nissan Motors, has been wowing drivers since 1989. Although not quite as high profile as its rival Lexus and yet to acquire the cult-like devotion of Acura's early entries, Infiniti is no slouch when it comes to interior and exterior design. For over two decades it has produced perhaps some of the most beloved and artistically styled luxury SUVs and cross overs such as the FX35, FX45 and the Q50.  But with Q70 sedan and a number of new concepts that Infiniti has been teasing of late, it is certain that the brand is upping its game and looking to make big moves.

Inspired by Nature

Just one look at the lines of any Infiniti vehicle and it's easy to see that the company takes its design language directly from Mother Earth herself. Probably the most obvious feature of its design language is the ocean swell motif which can be found everywhere from the exterior lines to the interior dash configuration. According to the company, the ocean swell theme is realized in its automotive designs as a wave moving  "along the surface, [where] there is a compressing and releasing of tension calling to mind the human muscle, flexing and releasing." Clearly, the penchant for mimicking nature is a Japanese thing but it really seems to work and we can't wait to see what next year brings.

The reliance upon nature to give style cues to Infiniti's design team means that you can look to any one of the elements and see it manifested in any of the marque's vehicles. take, for example, the Infiniti Q70 which entrances the driver  with its nature-inspired form. Its sweeping contours appear to have been sculpted by the wind itself while its exterior lines swell like a rising wave. And, with Infiniti's new Intelligent Key (I-Key) functionality, drivers will be greeted with a series of warm, soft LEDs which illuminate the cabin and deftly play over the interior trim surfaces. Such features along with the use of real wood dash trim and organically sculpted panels create the feeling of being ensconced in the utmost luxury.

Hand-crafted Dash Trim

It's no easy task to upgrade a luxury vehicle made by the masters at Infiniti which is why, if you're going to try, you need to rely on the skill of consummate professionals who have dedicated themselves to automotive restyling for decades themselves. Benevento is one such company with over thirty years' experience in designing and manufacturing automotive interior trim for any type of vehicle from the most economically priced compact car to the highest-performance luxury SUV. In fact, Benevento has supplied factory dash kits to manufacturers as diverse as GM to BMW and is one of the only dash kit manufacturers in the industry to be based in the USA.

When you need quality commensurate with the interior design and styling of your Infiniti choose a Benevento dash kit made from a great finish like real carbon fiber, an exotic wood grain or silver chrome for that flashy, iced out look. And, if you're style is a little bit left of center you can always check out Automaxus incredible selection of unique colors and finishes. Looking to add a touch of purple chrome, want the steam punk look of engine turn or do you want to turn your G35 into a luxury camo coupe? Choose these and other great styles of interior trim kits for your Infiniti today!

Bundle & Save

Once you've picked out your interior trim kit why not add some other accessories you've been thinking of and save on combined shipping? Add the privacy and style of a precut Infiniti window tint kit in a variety of VLT shades such as 5%, 20%, 35% or 50% tint. Want to get that murdered out look for your lights? Pick up a pair of Rtint® headlight tint covers or taillight tints in great colors like blackout, HID blue, JDM yellow, high gloss smoke or even chameleon. Finally, once you have your ride the way you want it, protect it with an Rshield® precut paint protection kit.

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Bad sizing
by Person, ID 1.00

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I got the product and it wasn't even the right size for any of my car.
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Better instructions
by Udaman , Texas 4.25

review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
The pieces on the peel sheet need to be number to coincide with the parts list on the web site. It’s extremely difficult to match the pieces to the pictures especially since some of them are hidden within others.

I wrapped all four door trims before I realized each trim takes three pieces. Now I’m not sure I’ll be able to get them off without ruining them and replace them properly using the pieces I left off the first time. I watched three or four videos on the Rvinyl web site and tried to find other on You Tube. They all focus on how to install but I find no clear direction on what pieces go where.
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Good but needs work
by Kaylie, California 4.00

review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
Once applied the wrap looks amazing. Applying wasnt very easy and I do not recommend doing this wrap yourself if you have never done one before.

There seemed to be pices missing as well, but I made it work. Once applied (I used all proper tools, sprays, ect) some stickers didn't want to stick down properly, and kept peeling up (yes, I properly cleaned surfaces before Applying).

Final product looks decent, besides the occasional lifting in certain spots that I have to constantly heat and re press down.

I would recommend this to an experienced wrapper that dosent get bugged by little issues like the fact that not all the pieces were cut to the correct size/shape.


4.49 | 31 Reviews