Precut Infiniti Window Tint Kits

Infiniti window tint kits by Rtint let you quickly and easily upgrade the look of your Q45, FX45 or G37. As an owner of an Infiniti you're clearly someone who values refined style and high performance which is why it is imperative that you use only the best window film in your vehicle. Rtint is window film is a high-quality, single ply charcoal film that is UV rated and available in 5%, 20%, 35% and 50% VLT and precut to your year, make and model vehicle. Whether you have the latest model QX50 or a classic G35 we have the right kit for your vehicle, at a price you can't afford to pass up.

Despite what you may have heard about the difficulty of window tinting, when you buy a precut Hyundai tint kit from us you'll find that the naysayers got it wrong. From start to finish, the process of buying and installing DIY window tint is a painless and, dare we say, fun. Use our intuitive website to mix and match the VLTs and tints you want for you vehicle and checkout out in under a minute. And. because every kit we sell is precut to the exact dimensions of your Infinite's year and model, installation is a breeze.

Simply follow the easy to read instructions included with every kit or browse our collection of instructional videos if you prefer to learn that way. In addition to simple instructions you want to have the right tools for the job so we recommend picking up the optional Gila window tint application kit that is bundled with every tint for an additional charge but at a reduced price. It has everything you'll need for a hassle-free and flawless install: a conqueror squeegee, a razor, a bottle of spray on installation solution and a lint free cloth. Looking for more? Browse our window tinting tools section for great items like the Lil Chizler, gasket tools and window tint removal kits.

The Benefits of Rtint Window Tints

When compared to taking your car into a shop to get it tinted there are any number of benefits to choosing an Rtint window tint kit for your Infiniti. Some of the most obvious are as follows:

  • Insane Savings — you can expect to pay a shop up to 3 times as much as you would for an Rtint kit!
  • Unbeatable Warranties  — your Infiniti window tint is automatically protected by 3-year warranty or an optional, Lifetime Guarantee.
  • Lowest Prices —  when you buy a tint kit from us you get our Price Match Guarantee.
  • Convenient Online Ordering — no waiting for an appointment or taking time off work.

If you're still not sure how does a cash back rebate sound?

Cash Back Rebates

There's nothing better than cash back which is why we offer our customers our cash back rebate program. The idea is simple: a happy customer is the best from of advertisement ever invented. This may come as a surprise but most people don't believe everything a company says. So, when we tell you how awesome our Infiniti window tint kits are you may not believe it but it's a whole other story when you see other customers' results. So, how can you get this deal? Simply buy your Infiniti window tint, install it and take at least 5 multiple angle shots of the tint installed. Then use our website to upload the pics or send them in via email. Once we review and approve them we will issue up to a $20 refund and then let you know where they're posted on our site and blog so you can share with friends. So, hurry up, and get started, buy your Infiniti DIY window tint today!

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Smoked tail lights and window tint
by Lucky Phimpha, Stockton, Ca 5.00

review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
Best bang for your buck! Easy to install and for first timers like myself, they have the instructional videos on their website!

by Sam , Texas 5.00

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Good tint, perfect pre cuts, easy install

by Charlie, Cocoa florida 5.00

review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
I still haven’t received my order, it says it was shipped but there was nothing in my mail


4.85 | 5 Reviews