Jaguar Dash Kit Diagram
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3M 2080 Series Dash Kit Wrap Film
3M™ Dash Wraps
1080 / 2080 Series Vinyl Film
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Avery SW 900 Dash Kit Film
Avery Dennison™ Dash Wraps
SW900 Series Vinyl Film
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ORACAL 970RA Dash Kit Film
ORACAL® Dash Wraps
970RA / 975 Series Vinyl Film
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Jaguar Dash Kit Wrap
Rwraps™ Dash Wraps
914 / 917 AirTec™ Vinyl Film
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3M 39905 Ceramic Boost Spray Bottle
3M™ 39905 Ceramic Boost Spray
Ceramic Dash Protection
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Upgrade Your 2014 Jaguar XJ with a Custom Dash Kit

They come in various materials like wood, carbon fiber, or aluminum. Whether for a luxury sedan or a sporty convertible, Dash Kits add elegance. They are often DIY-friendly, offering a fun project for car enthusiasts. They can be easily cleaned, maintaining a fresh look. They often come with adhesive backing for easy installation. Dash Trim Kits are available for various budgets and aesthetic preferences. Choosing the right Dash Kits can transform the vehicle's interior.

Interior Trim in Popular Colors and Finishes

The finishes can range from glossy to matte, allowing personalization. The choice of color and finish can transform the appearance of a dashboard. Camouflage finishes may appeal to those wanting a rugged appearance. Finishes that mimic natural materials like stone are also available. Some finishes are designed to be scratch-resistant for added durability. Customization options allow for mixing and matching colors and finishes. Dash kits for 2014 Jaguar XJ may include limited edition colors or finishes.

Do-It-Yourself and Get Professional Results

Gather all the necessary tools, usually provided with the kit or mentioned in the manual. Peel off the backing of the adhesive, handling the pieces carefully to avoid fingerprints. Continue the process, following the sequence as directed in the instructions. Allow the adhesive to cure for the time specified in the instructions for 2014 Jaguar XJ. Clean the dash kit gently with appropriate cleaners, as recommended for 2014 Jaguar XJ. Choosing quality dash kits ensures a transformation that reflects your personal style. Proper preparation, patience, and care are key to successful installation.

Upgrade Your 2014 Jaguar XJ Today

Explore our user-friendly website and discover the perfect fit for your 2014 Jaguar XJ. Trust in our high-quality products, designed specifically for 2014 Jaguar XJ, to transform your driving experience. Order now to take advantage of our current promotions and free installation guides. Our dash kits not only beautify but also protect the interior of your 2014 Jaguar XJ. Click on our website now and elevate your 2014 Jaguar XJ's interior to a new level of elegance. Shop now and give your 2014 Jaguar XJ the upgrade it deserves with our premium dash kits. Don't let this opportunity slip away; your vehicle deserves the best.

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Excellent Quality Vinyl
by Alex A., Brooklyn, NY 5.00

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I used the burlwood finish in restoring my Jaguar XJ6 Series and then clear coated it three times while wet sanding it in between coats to get a high gloss finish. Thanks Rvinyl!
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Great color film
by Romel A., Cincinnati, OH 4.25

review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
Very bright white and just what i wanted A+++

by Philip R., Larchmont, NY 4.00

review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
good communication...reasonsable shipping time... will buy agian


4.42 | 3 Reviews