Custom Mitsubishi Dash Kits

Mitsubishi custom dash kits give you a fast and easy way to complete change the look and feel of your interior. Whether you have the last gen Evo, a classic Eclipse, 3000GT or a reliable Diamante or Mirage you can refresh the look of its interior trim and ad a touch of your personal style with one of our custom dash kits. And, because we offer dash trim kits for all models and years of Mitsubishi vehicles you'll never be left in the lurch. That means it's just as easy to find dash kits for the Precis, Vanwagon or Raider as it is for the Galant, Montero Sport and Endeavor. We think you'll be awed and surprised by our full selection of brands, options, finishes and our incredibly low prices. So, don't just sit there, now's the time to buy the Mitsubishi dash kit you've been wanting.

Mitsubishi: Designs as Unique as the Brand Itself

Mitsubishi is a power house when it comes to designing and manufacturing cars that excite the passions, create cult followings and perform on the street and track. Whether it is the legendary 3000GT, the venerable Eclipse or the celebrated Lancer EVO, Mitsubishi is the one car brand that has excelled at capturing the essence of youth driving culture. So, what can we expect from Mitsubishi in the near future?

According to their marketing and design teams, Mitsubishi's latest design concept is expressed as "Form Follows Function." The FFF philosophy is concretely expressed in the dynamic shield layout of the exterior which projects confidence while giving drivers a sense of safety and reassurance. The ability to inspire a sense of security while maintaining a sense of sheer excitement and raw power is something at which Mitsubishi excels and that is deftly displayed in their interior designs as well.

Mitsubishi Interiors: Form Following Function

The designers at Mitsubishi conceive the interiors of their vehicles with a focus on people so everything, from the tactile aspect of the interior trim to the way the dashboard curves around the driver to provide an optimal driving experience. In essence. Mitsubishi has spent the time and put the attention into every detail to ensure that its interior spaces provide the maximum in terms of space and legroom while meeting pragmatic necessities and creating emotional rapport and excitement.

In addition its driver centric philosophy, Mitsubishi appears to be leading the charge into the future with features such as reverse suicide doors, windshields and windows that feature reduced or altogether absent pillars and a range of technological and ergonomic options. Only time will tell what pieces of automotive artistry we have to look forward to from this JDM power house but we're pretty certain we're going to love it.

Mitsubishi Dash Kits: A Kit for Every Taste

When you want to personalize or customize your Mitsubishi's interior then there's really no better or more economical way to do it than with a precut dash kit custom-made for your year and model. For over a decade we have specialized in helping enthusiasts find the best-looking DIY mods for their rides and custom dash kits have always been an integral part of our mission. Today we're proud to offer a range of Mitsubishi dash kits from the leading companies in the industry: Benevento, DL Auto, Automaxus and Rdash®. Each one of these brands specializes in providing quality and style to meet you at your bottom line so you can get the most for your money.

Benevento custom dash kits are made using digital design technology and are laser cut for precision and accuracy. They are then domed by hand with polyurethane for a glossy, lacquered finish and come to your door with industry standard automotive trim tape. Benevento is one of the few manufacturers to use real carbon fibers to make Mitsubishi carbon fiber dash kits and is also proud to offer a number of unique and specialty woodgrains, brushed aluminum and chrome finishes as well.

Automaxus give you the quality and selection you can expect from DL Auto or Benevento but at a reduced price. Made using the same production methods but without the time-consuming and costly polyurethane pouring process, these interior trim kits let you have the satin wood grain finish that is so popular in European luxury cars. Finally, if you don't see a dash kit for your model, we're happy to offer Mitsubishi custom dash kits for purchase. Simply select your year, make and model then reply to our detail customization questionnaire and we will immediately begin designing your custom dash kit for you. Don't let your Mitsubishi languish without your custom touch, hook it up today with one of our premium quality dash kits today!

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Great service
by Bryan B., San Diego, CA, 4.50

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This dash kit is an excellent fit and the vinyl wood has a cool gloss finish to uit. It requires a steady hand and a bit of luck to lay down each piece exactly as it was intended in the Endeavor.

Hiram Rosario
by Hiram Rosario, 5.00

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Great product!!! Love It!!!

fast shipping
by Tracy B., Temple, TX, 4.00

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It fit my 1988 Mighty Max pretty well. I'm glad someone makes a dash kit for it and most importantly it fit my budget!


4.53 | 15 Reviews