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Custom dash kits for your Volkswagen let you have the final say in the design of your VW. Whether you have a late model Rabbit, Jetta, Passat or Beetle or are driving a vintage Fox or Vanagon our custom dash trim kits will give you the tools you need to upgrade and personalize your ride. Just browse our selection and we think you'll be surprised by just how affordable our kits are and overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices you have when it comes to brands, colors and finishes.

Volkswagen: Cutting Edge Design

Automotive design has always come down to the most basic question: personal taste. But Volkswagen's head of design Klaus Bischoff has to figure out how to create designs which appeal to the masses collectively and that speak to each one of us individually. As you can imagine, this is no easy task. So, how do they do it? According to Bischoff, it all comes down to what they have affectionately labeled as VW's Design Criteria.

In essence, the Design Criteria (DC) that has lead Volkswagen to such great success in the last twenty tears is both detailed enough to ensure brand cohesion and yet broad enough to allow designers to innovate. As such, the DC follow a defined set of values which represent the marque through the inclusion of its corporate values with an especial emphasis on designs which will transcend the confines of time and culture: in other words, VW aims to make all of its designs iconic and classic.

Quality in Every Dimension

Bischoff is at pains to point out that not only is VW design driven by a desire for formal sustainability (i.e., longevity of its designs) but by incredibly precise design execution in order to ensure that the customer experiences the highest quality at every level of experience whether it is viewing the vehicle from the outside or while seated in the cabin. This intent can be seen in the sculpting of the interior trim and user interface which serve both a functional and an aesthetic purpose in every car designed by Volkswagen.

But, how exactly is this achieved? According to the chief designer at VW, part of the secret is the truly international character of the design teams which comprise more than thirty different countries resulting in a wide variety of cultural perspectives and individual view points. Despite  or perhaps because all of that, the Volkswagen weltanschauung is able to unify and communicate its core aesthetic values time and time again. The real secret to the success of the brand, however, may be its recognition of its past successes. Vehicles such as the Golf and Beetle have long and storied histories so VW's design teams have to be careful to identify those elements that have worked previously and distill their salient features in updated designs.

Interior Trim: VW's Limited Color Palette

Customization and personalization have taken the automotive world by storm. As a result of improved technology and the advent of faster, more efficient communications via email, texts and all manner of e-media why has Volkswagen so far refused to adopt bolder, more idiosyncratic interior trim color palettes? A brief survey of brands such as Jeep and Chevrolet will show that large auto manufacturers are currently experimenting with more exciting and unusual trim colors and finishes but there is a risk in doing so. And, according to Bischoff, the reason for not doing so is fundamental: exotic trim hurts the resale value of any vehicle. In this regard, Volkswagen's choice to limit its color palette reflects its commitment to sustainability. As a result, you will find whites, grays, silvers and blacks rather than burnt orange or metallic greens.

Clearly, the interior design teams at Volkswagen know what they're doing when it comes to making a piece of automotive artistry that excels in terms of both form and function but once that car is off the dealer's lot the staid and (some would say) stuffy color schemes of the cockpit of a Jetta or CC can leave something to be desired. If you're someone who wants to add a bit of personality to your Vie Dub but you're afraid of damaging your ride's resale value then you may want to consider an Rvinyl dash kit.

Customize Your Volkswagen with Custom Dash Kits

Rdash® Volkswagen dash kits are the only kits on the market that can be removed after application without causing any damage to the dash components of interior trim panels so they are perfect for leased vehicles not to mention for preserving resale value. In addition, they are made from premium quality, vinyl films so they fit your dash like a second skin and (if you choose a solid color) look like a custom interior paint job.

If, on the other hand, you're not worried about resale value you can always go for an Automaxus trim kit. These kits are made using high-grade, automotive VHB tape so they are thicker and easier to apply. They come in an amazing variety of colors and finishes so you get the best of both worlds: ease of installation and the style or color you want.

Benevento dash kits are made from premium materials and are polyurethane coated for a high shine and durability. These kits certainly won't detract from your resale value and may even add to it as they are the same "real wood" kits that are sold by dealers in upgraded, luxury trim packages. Choose from real carbon fiber dash kits, chrome or wood grain finishes.

Whatever choice you make, it's pretty clear that if you're here you want to add a personal touch to your VW. Explore your options, watch our videos and take a look at our installation galleries and, when you're ready, pick up a dash kit that will be sure to meet your budget and exceed your expectations.

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by Efrain N., Duluth , GA 4.50

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Dash kit went on great will get pictures sent ASAP!

A++ Great Item Fast Shipping!
by Andres P., Dundalk, MD 4.50

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Purchased this for my daughter's 2001 Beetle. She was going away to college so I wanted to treat her to a little fun. The chrome is pretty fancy, it has a mirror finish and really is like nothing else I have seen. Makes her bug truly look custom. She loves it so I love it!
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It's Just Okay
by Artie, Louisiana 3.00

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Product isn't substantial for the $120 price tag. Feels cheap for the price and the material isn't cut well enough in order to cover the panels completely. As a matter of fact, one piece fitted so poorly, I didn't even use it. I am very disappointed and can't recommend this product to anyone.


4.62 | 17 Reviews