Custom Dash Kits for You Smart

Choosing the right custom dash kit for your smart car can be hard if you don't know the difference between the dash kits available. Of course, most people buy purely in terms of price but, as we all know, price doesn't tell you everything about a product. For example, our most affordably priced dash kits are the Rdash® brand of dash kits. Made from premium quality laminates, these custom dash kits offer you the most pieces per kit in the industry. In addition to their size, they are also available in more colors, patterns and textures than any other kit on the market. The greatest benefit, however, is that they can be removed which makes them perfect for leased cars or people who get bored easily. Upgrade your Fortwo today with a custom, DIY dash kit and you will wonder why you ever waited so long.

Smart Car, Smart Interior

Custom dash kits may not be the first three words you think of when you think of smart cars but they should be. As intelligently designed and parking-friendly as smart cars are, they certainly don't have a lot of space for you to add your own personal style. Luckily for you, Rvinyl carries custom dash kits for your smart car that will make a big difference to your little interior. All you need to do is choose what type of dash kit is the smartest choice: are you looking for a dash kit that is permanent or removable? Do you want a lacquered finish or a flat look? Do you want to cover every possible surface or accentuate a few, choice areas of your interior trim?

Although style and affordability are your primary concerns when choosing a custom smart dash kit, it also helps to understand the design language and overall philosophy of the smart brand. So, before we get into the types of dash kits available for your smart car, let's take a closer look at the factors an considerations that go into its design so you can choose something that fits with the brand's identity while still expressing your own unique style.

Design with Purpose

It's no stretch to say that smart designs its cars with a purpose in mind. Every smart car is designed to deftly maneuver in your environment, with peppy acceleration and incredible agility. Engineered by the best minds at Mercedes, smart cars don't sacrifice form for function. Instead, the designers in charge of bring these pieces of automotive artistry to life, have inextricably intertwined form and function to deliver a unique driving experience. The interior spaces are managed deftly with seats that fold upright to a full 90 degrees to enable maximum storage.

According to smart's Lead Interior Designer, Matthias Gottwald, "if you drive a smart, you should become part of the city" which is why the interior of the smart car mimics and utilizes the materials and styles one finds in urban settings. In fact, as a result of this decision, the mesh fabrics that cover the smart's dashboard are the same as those used in sneakers rather than the frumpy, boring plastic surfaces found in most other cars. From these details to a variety of polished and textured accent trim elements, the designers at smart have been able to create a truly exciting interior space that feels at one with the city while making the car fun to drive.

Choosing the Right Trim Kit

Benevento dash kits are the top of the line. Made by a company with over 30 years of history, Benevento dash kits are computer designed and laser cut for precision. The final step in the patented process is the hand pouring of polyurethane which gives Benevento dash kits their signature high-gloss lacquer and makes them a high-quality, OEM style choice. Every Benevento dash kit comes to you with a pre-applied VHB foam trim tape that ensure the trim will last a lifetime once correctly installed.

Automaxus is the mid-market (solely in terms of price) line of dash kits that we offer. Made using the same techniques and materials as Benevento but without the poly coating, they give you the longevity and durability of polyurethane domed kits at a lower price and lower profile. In addition, because Automaxus dash kits lack the doming, you can get a satin or flat finish that is impossible to achieve when trim has a lacquer coating.

Clearly you have decisions to make when purchasing a smart custom dash kit but when you buy from Rvinyl you already know you've made a smart decision, regardless of the dash kit you choose.

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Best Alternative to Domed Vinyl Dash Kits
by Richard Ziegler, Richmond, VA 4.25

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No one made the color vinyl I wanted in the thicker raised dash kits. This was the best alternative. For my 2011 Smart Car ForTwo, I applied each section but there were a few cut outs that I could not match to the car. On plastic surfaces the vinyl stuck well. On other surfaces I had to use contact cement. If doing the latter, allow to dry overnight since when the vinyl is first applied over light contact cement, the vinyl might bubble some but that disappears overnight.


4.25 | 1 Reviews