Precut Dodge Window Tint

Dodge precut window tint kits by Rtint are perfect for the DIY installer and professional window tinter as well. Made for easy installation these Dodge window tint kits give you the sleek look of custom tint and added privacy you've been wanting for your late model Challenger, Charger or Dart. Don't have a passenger car? No worries we carry window tint made just for your Dodge SUV or van as well. Black out your Durango's windows with a limo tint kit or add a light 50% VLT tint to your Grand Caravan's back windows to protect the kids from harmful, UV radiation. Have a classic Dodge Intrepid or Dakota? No worries because we carry precut window tint for every Dodge made in the last 40 years!

Rtint window tint kits are engineered and designed specifically for your Dodge's year, model and sub-model which makes installation a breeze. The tint kit comes securely packaged in an almost indestructible white box. Simply slit open the tape and open the tabs to reveal the rolled up window tint kit. Once you cut open the protective tube you will find a tint for each window inside. Just follow the detailed instructions which are included with each kit to clean and prepare the windows and then install the tint.

The best part about buying a precut window tint kit from us for your Dodge is the savings. Not only will you save up to 75% off the price of a shop's installation fee but, because we offer partial kits, you can buy only the window tint you need. Choose from front, back or rear windshield only kits or even just a single visor strip. In addition, you can get the tint in any of the most popular shade percentages: select 5%, 20%, 35% or 50% VLT to get the shade you want. But, be sure to check your state's laws because there's nothing worse than a ticket for dark tint!

When you use our DIY window tint kits to tint your Dodge you get the experience of learning a new (and possibly profitable) skill and the joy of saving money. To make sure that everything goes without a hitch we offer a full range of window tinting tools and application fluids for purchase with the kits or separately. Our most popular window tint tool is Gila's professional window tint application kit because it is pretty much a one stop shop for everything you need to tint. Gila's kit includes a conqueror squeegee, a retractable razor, a convenient spray bottle with window tinting fluid and a lint-free cloth. But, if you want more, we've got almost a dozen other tools that you can purchase separately as well!

Why Buy a Dodge Window Tint Kit?

It never hurts to summarize, especially in today's fast paced world so let's take another quick look at some of the benefits of Rtint precut window tints:

  • Great Prices — Rtint DIY window tint kits save you up to 75% off the price of a pro tint shop!
  • Purchase Protection — every tint you buy is covered by our 3-year warranty and our Price Match guarantee!
  • Quick Fulfillment — we custom cut and ship every window tint order within one business day!

Unbeatable prices, protection on every purchase and unparalleled fulfillment times! What more could you ask for? If you said cash back rebates then you're either psychic or you like skipping ahead.

Cash Back for Your Pics

How does cash back sound ? If you're like just about anyone else on the planet it probably sounds pretty good which is why we offer it. You see, over the 10 plus years we've been in business we have discovered a secret: people don't believe a company when they tell them how good their product is but they do believe other people. So, in order to show how awesome our precut window tints are we offer you, our customer, up to a $20 cash back refund in exchange for photos of your installed window tint. What's the catch? The only catch is that you buy your tint from us, install and send us 5 or more multiple angle, high quality photos of the tint. You can read more about the cash back rebate program or upload your photos at the link. These prices and incentives can't stay around forever though so take advantage of them while the getting's good and buy today!

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Very good product!
by Tim, KS 5.00

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Everything was cut perfectly!

Great product with great customer service
by David lee, Virginia 4.25

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I have ordered several window tint kits for my vehicles through the years without any issues product installation has gotten easier due to the stickers to take the two membranes apart recently had an issue was resolved very easily Mariel s the customer service agent was excellent and resolved my problem

Very good product!
by Tim, KS 5.00

review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
Very good product. As an amateur window tinter everything went great and the finished product was excellent!


4.74 | 38 Reviews