Ford Explorer Precut Window Tints

The Ford Explorer is the 21st Century's answer to the station wagon. But, unlike the wagons of days gone by, the Ford Explorer is a powerful, well-built and stylish vehicle that looks as good on the showroom floor as it does in your supermarket's parking lot. As a result, it shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone that the Explorer is the best-selling SUV in the US and the sixth best-selling vehicle in North America as well! Protect your privacy and your passengers too with a set of DIY, precut window tints from Rtint®

DIY Ordering & Installation

If you're here, it's a safe bet that you're the type who wants to take control of the look and feel of your Explorer. Our one-of-a-kind, order by picture process lets you choose as much or as little tint as you want. Buy the front windows only, back only, the rear windshield or a complete kit just by scrolling through the diagram of your Ford SUV. Once you know what sections you want choose the VLT you need the same way. Choose from 5%, 20%, 35% or 50% to stay legal and cool.

Because our kits are cut to the exact dimensions of your Explorer's windows, installation is quick and painless. Just match up the individual sections with the windows and apply. We include a detailed, single-page instructional guide that walks you through the whole process. From prep and cleaning to installation and after-care we've got you covered. And, if you want to see it done, be sure to check out our video tutorials as well.

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Great value
by Ryan, Utah 4.75

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The cost to tint 6 windows was surprisingly cheap. This made me hesitate because I questioned the quality of the product. The tints are very easy to instal and look great!! This was exactly what I was after. I was getting sunburnt through my windows before but now I’m more comfortable driving!!
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by Abby, Florida 5.00

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The product looks really good, it’s really easy to install because the cut it’s perfect, the instructions help you a lot so thank you for that! I will recommend 100% and tell all my friends and family to buy here. The price is the best part so everything worths in here.

by P V, Ridgefield WA 5.00

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Great product, perfect fit. Take your time follow the instructions and you’ll have a first rate job for a fraction of the price of a professional install.
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4.97 | 8 Reviews