About Ford F-150 Window Tint Kits

Precut, DIY window tints are a great alternative to having your Ford F-150 tinted by a professional shop. Computer cut to fit your ride, these kits provide a look of sophistication while improving the overall function of your vehicle.Whether you choose a full kit or simply decide to tint out your front windshield with a visor strip, Rvinyl has the products you need at the price you want. Reduce the sun's glare while driving, keep cooler in the summer months and improve privacy while on the road for you and your passengers.

We are an exclusive retailer of Rtint product lines, the leader in precut tinting films. These kits are available in a wide variety of styles and shades to help you tint your Ford F-150 while staying within the legal tinting limits of your state. Not sure what the limits are? Don't worry we provide a handy-guide too, but it is always best to talk with local authorities. Stay cool in the summer months and keep the heat in your car in the winter, tint kits help to make your vehicle energy efficient while improving safety. In the case of an accident, tint can actually help prevent your glass shattering and reduce glass fragments and lacerations if it does, hey why not customize your ride and be safe at the same time.

With professional installation kits by Gila, tinting your car has never been easier. This kits include the world famous Conqueror squeegee, application solution and low lint cloth for polishing, what's not to love about it? A plethora of installation videos, tips and tricks are available at, making it a resource for the tinting community. From squeegees to window tint removal tools, this is a one-stop-shop for those serious about keeping the green in their pocket while increasing their privacy on the road.

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Great Kit!
by Darren, Niceville, Florida 4.75

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Everything that you need to do the job right! Thanks!

Great Kit!
by Darren, Niceville, Florida 4.75

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Everything that you need to do the job right! Thanks!
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Good, but not great
by BlueOval17, South East 4.00

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Materials shipped and received quickly. Well packaged. Complete set without any errors. Live support available and responded promptly. Overall order satisfaction is a 5/5.
I did front, rear, and back glass on my truck. Window film was easy to work with. First time doing this so I was a bit rough with it. Cuts were just big enough to tuck under trim where needed and not too big as to leave excess to be trimmed. Tabs included with the order made separating the backing from the film a breeze. Most of my time and effort went into prepping the glass. No bubbles, scratches, tears, etc. I had left over pieces, since the company ships cuts for each style of rear window, so I also experimented on how rough I could be with the film and to my surprise, its about as tough as a piece of plastic glued to a window can be.
All windows look crystal clear when looking from outside in. Rear windows look amazing from the inside out even in direct sunlight. Front window film ,unfortunately, does not look as well from the inside of the truck. There is, what I would describe as, a blue haze when in direct sunlight. As soon as you block direct sunlight the film is crystal clear. Note: I ordered a different % for the front so the cuts did not come from the same roll as the rears. I assume this may not be the case for all, but in my situation, appearance for me is 3/5.
For a DIY, single car project, with precut piece, the price point is spot on. I would say value is 5/5 but due to my experience with the quality of the film for the front windows, I'm going with a 4/5.
This is a subjective topic and not a driving factor behind my order. N/A would be more applicable, but a 5/5.

I may place another order for my wife's car, but at the moment I'm a bit hesitant given the variation in quality in the same brand of film.

Hope this helps guys/gals.


4.77 | 42 Reviews