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If there's one brand to keep an eye on, it's Audi. Month after month, year after year, they smash their own sales records and have become one of the most successful sports luxury brands in North America. And it's no fluke. They combine clean, athletic designs with top-notch German engineering and the perfect mix of performance, comfort and technology.

Their designs are so slick that you might not want to mess too much with their well-balanced style. If you need an update, one easy and affordable way to add a custom finishing touch to the look of your Audi is to install an Rvinyl DIY headlight tint kit. A simple headlight kit makes a world of difference and sets your Audi apart from the crowd, whether it's an A6 sedan, Q5 SUV or TT sports coupe.

A Custom Kit for Every Model

Don't worry if you're a retro Audi fan, driving one of their well-respected late-model cars. We carry Rtint products for many older models such as the 80, cabriolet and 100. Old or new, we apply the same care and attention to your headlight tint kit:

  • We start with high-quality, durable film, specially formulated to resist wear, debris and UV rays.
  • We laser-cut your film to the exact shape and contours of your Audi headlights.
  • We apply either a semi-permanent or static-cling finish, depending on your preference and how often you plan to remove and re-install your tint.
  • If we don't happen to carry the tint for your specific model, or you are running custom headlights, we also offer universal kits that you can cut to size.

You can be sure your Audi headlight tint will look clean and professional.

With Rvinyl, you also can choose from many different tints and colors. Some people like to coordinate with the color of their Audi, while others will instead choose a dark, contrasting black or smoked finish to get that menacing look. The choice is up to you: Make your Audi look exactly the way you want it. We suggest you consult your state's rules and guidelines on headlight tint before you order, so you know if you can leave it on or need to remove it when on the road.

While we pride ourselves on our great prices for all of our automotive tint and film products, we go a step further and offer rebates to all those who send pictures of their completed Audi upgrades! To get your tint kit to you, we're happy to offer free shipping on all orders over $49.

Nothing gets us more excited than seeing a cool R8 or sporty S model with our DIY headlight tint in place. We know you'll feel the same, so click on through to your model and year of Audi and start your Rvinyl headlight tint project today!

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Harder than it looks. Consider a professional.
by Newmakrz, San Jose 4.00

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The pre-cut tints I ordered almost fit great; however the rear tail light tints were just shy of meeting all edges. I had to apply some heat because of that which didn't turn out great.

The rear left piece tore during installation and as a result you can see a spot/blemish on the taillight as well as the horribly applied edges (my part). Looks good from far, not 1-2' away. There's also separate pieces for my backlight (Audi A3) so there's red peaking out that is visible during the day and at night (obviously).

If you're doing this on your own, don't. Might be worth it to have someone else do it for you via 'non-pre cut) tints. The video "resource library" you're supposed to get access to bc of the purchase also required a 16$ fee, so it wasn't included nor was I gonna pay more just for one video I would've watched 2 or 3x. YouTube was my go to, but each person only does so much or so little when dealing with specific cars.
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Installation too hard
by James, Dallas, TX 2.00

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I tried installing one of my headlight tint for about 1hr and was unable to do it. Too many bubbles and creases, so I gave up. That headlight tint I used isn't good anymore so threw it away. I should have just taken my car to a shop and have them do it. Waste of my money 😔

Head light tint
by Jay, Arizona 4.50

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I bought a smoke out headlight tint . The product went on well looked good . But it was a lot darker than depicted in the pictures online . I am currently hoping rvinyl will send me the smoke kit for headlights instead of the smoke out set I bought . Currently it is too dangerous to drive at night and I have led bright lights. That's how dark it is
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4.48 | 11 Reviews