Custom Audi Dash Kits

The right dash kit can make all the difference to your Audi. Whether you have the latest model A4, a sports tuned R8 or a classic TT convertible there's nothing quite like the style and personalization that an Audi custom dash kit gives your interior. Choose from great finishes like brown leather, burled wood grains, carbon fiber, diamond plate or chrome and we think you'll agree that your Audi has never looked better.

We want to be your one stop shop for Audi dash trim kits and accessories which is why we are exited to offer you the most options when it comes to materials, finishes and prices anywhere on or off the web. Whether you're looking for an Rvinyl dash kit for your Audi Q7, a premium Allroad dash kit in domed carbon fiber or an ebony dash trim for your Cabriolet, we're ready to ship it to your door. And don't forget that all Audi custom dash kits we carry are eligible for both our cash back rebate program and our price match guarantee so you can be sure to get the lowest prices anywhere. So, run, don't walk to find your wallet and pick up an Audi dash kit today!

Audi: At the Apex of Interior Luxury

Audi has been at the apex of luxury interior styling for decades and continues to produce stunning, innovative and incredibly ergonomic cockpits and cabins despite increasing pressure from Mercedes, BMW and Japanese marques. Despite, or perhaps because of, the heightened competition in its market space, Audi has been tirelessly updating its interior automotive trim and design language since 2012 at a breakneck pace.

By simultaneously expanding its portfolio in order to enter new market segments it has been able to penetrate into middle-markets where it was not formerly seen. Doing so has not only increased the popularity of Audi vehicles but has forced the competition to up their game as well.

A Meeting of Minds: Audi's New Design Strategy

Central to Audi's new interior dashboard design strategy is the merging of the interior and exterior design studios. According to the Audi lead exterior designer Achim Badstübner the reasoning behind this is a matter of necessity: "You can't survive if you just depend on one brain to do a complex thing like a car."

In order to achieve this meeting of the minds and create a unified design language for the interior and exterior surfaces of Audi's vehicles, the head of Audi Group Design, Wolfgang Egger, created a one-of-a-kind satellite studio where design teams can collaborate in vivo, holding workshops and freely sharing ideas. This is a marked change from the previous set up where the 200 designers worked in separate buildings at the company's Ingolstadt plant.

Traditionally, exterior designers have been a largely secretive bunch and have resisted sharing concepts and ideas because the field is just so competitive. By merging exterior designers with teams of interior specialists who are used to working with others, Egger hopes to create a unified language that transitions seamlessly from the outside to the cabin of Audi vehicles.

The Crosslane Coupe Concept

In essence, by adopting the unified design strategy, Audi hopes to supercharge innovation, giving them the edge over the competition and giving a more distinctive brand identity to all of its cars and SUVs. The result of Audi's first foray into collaborative interior-exterior automotive design was the Crosslane Coupe concept which features a single piece, space frame chassis.

According to interior designer Ulrich Beierlein they started the design of the Crosslane from the single frame and tried to communicate that in the styling of the cabin. Instrument covers, dash trim and grilles all have a trapezoidal shape which mirrors that of the headlights and exterior vents while the low, front grille vents used in the bumpers are found in the inside as well. By adopting this new aesthetic, Audi has broken some of its own design fundamentals with thrilling results.

For years, Audi design standards dictated that the lines of the interior should wrap around the driver and passengers before finally crossing the front of the windscreen. In the Crosslane Coupe, however, these lines shoot forward and align with exterior seams running down the hood. This new design language has been dubbed "vector wrap" and provides the basis for a unified design.

Unify the Design of Your Audi

It should be clear by now that Audi is staying ahead of the game by streamlining its design and creating an unbroken line from cabin to engine to front fascia. With Rdash® custom dash kits you can now do the same and unify your design style by choosing an interior trim kit from Benevento, Automaxus, Rdash® or DL Auto that communicates your own personal style while remaining faithful to your Audi's aesthetic.

Speaking of aesthetics, if you're the type of enthusiast who's looking to restyle your interior then you'll also want to check out our precut Audi window tints. Made from a premium single-ply tint film and available in a variety of shades, you can order a partial kit for any combination of windows or a complete kit in a variety of VLT percentages. Another great way to add style and protection to your ride is through headlight tint and protection kits, smoked taillight covers and precut paint protection kits. Naturally, you save more when you add multiple purchases to your order so qualify for fast and free shipping and pick all the DIY Audi accessories you need today!

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Poor measurements
by Leea Thomas, Tennessee 3.25

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The appearance was good quality however the cut out measurements are off on all the cut outs. Most of them are too short and the center console cut out is too wide showing the surface underneath color.
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Its Special!!!
by Laura M., Salem, NJ 4.50

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I was very impressed when I got my kit in the mail. Very complete, just like in the diagram. Installed in my 2002 Audi A4 in under an hour like the directions said. Highly recomended.

Wow!!! I installed it myself!!!
by Matt S., Durango, CO 4.50

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Very easy way to customize your interior.


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