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The Ford Explorer is one of the best-selling SUVs in the country and, in fact, is one of the most popular vehicles in the US period. Who knew that when Ford grafted two more doors onto the Bronco II in 1991 a star would be born? If you've got an Explorer it's a pretty smart idea to protect your expensive factory headlights with a pair of precut Rtint® headlight covers today.

Protect and Tint Your Explorer

As we just noted, your Ford Explorer's factory headlights are ridiculously expensive if you have to replace them so prevent damage before it starts. Choose from 3 mil, tint-only film which protect against UV damage and bug hits or 6 mil protection grade film to block rocks and road debris. Rtint® headlight tints also give you a choice of 14 shades like Smoke, Blackout or Matte Smoke. Want something more unique? Try our shade-shifter Chameleon, HID-style Blue or JDM-inspired Yellow Smoke . With so many options to choose from you're bound to find something.

Benefits of Rtint® Headlight Overlays

Some of the benefits of using Rtint® headlight tints yon our Ford Explorer:

  • Defend your OEM headlights from hits and UV while hiding haziness
  • Upgrade to the look of Blue, Yellow or Blackout
  • Made to order here in the USA

$20 Cash Back Rebate

How does getting up to $20 cash back in exchange for photos of your installed Explorer headlight tints sound? If you're like us, it probably sounds pretty good. The best part is, it's easy and all you have to do is take six or more high-quality shots of them and send them to us along with a brief review of your experience. So, hurry up, order today and save!

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Awesome products, great customer service, very happy customer.
by Tyler , New York 4.75

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I get all my vinyl needs from Rvinyl.

Enhanced and modernized my ride! Exceeded my expectations.
by Tyler, New York 5.00

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Very high quality kit. I got the genuine carbon fiber and my interior looks like an aggressive fighter jet!
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2020 ford explorer st headlight tints
by g bonet, Westchester new york 5.00

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great product. Tryed to tint my light with a roll of tint that wasn't precut, did t workout . rvinyl precut tints conquered all my obstacles. Highly recommend


4.64 | 7 Reviews