Freightliner Headlight Tint Kits

Custom headlight tints for your Freightliner are an absolute necessity since they not only improve the look of your truck but, more importantly, protect your factory lights form road debris and dirt. Few people understand the meaning of a good headlight protection better than the drivers of Freightliner's FL Series, Sprinters and M2s but when it's your job to drive anything that makes it easier is a welcome upgrade. Choose from any of Rtint®'s great shades or colors like Blackout, Smoke, Matte Smoke, Chameleon, HID blue, Yellow and a half dozen others.

Precut Freightliner headlight tint gives you the look and protection you want while saving you money and time. Why pay a tint shop up to 3 times as much to tint your truck when you can do it yourself and in half the time? Don't waste your day waiting for an appointment, order a precut tint made for your year, make and model vehicle that's computer cut for precision and tint it when you're ready. All of our precut tints are made to order and shipped right to your door so you just can beat the price or convenience.

Because our tints are made for DIY installation we also offer a complete selection of headlight tint installation tools. All of our Freightliner headlight tint kits come with the option to add a professional headlight tint application kit to your order at a reduced cost but we also offer them and a variety of other tools for purchase separately. Even if you think you have everything you need we highly recommend adding this kit to your order just to be sure.

Why Buy a Precut Freightliner Headlight Tint Kit?

Freightliner headlight tint kits by Rtint give you a number of benefits you just won't find anywhere else including:

  • Ridiculous Savings — Pay up to 2/3 less than a shop would charge for installation!
  • Purchase with Confidence — At Rvinyl we warranty our headlight tint against peeling, cracking and fading for 3 years and offer a Lifetime Guarantee as an optional upgrade!
  • Lowest Prices — If anyone else sells a comparable tint for less, we'll match it!
  • Lightning Fast— Next day fulfillment on every headlight tint order!


Instant Cash Back

For over ten years we have offered cash back rebates in exchange for our customers installation photos and the program is still going strong. Want to get in on it? Simply buy a Freightliner headlight tint kit, install it and then send us 5 or more high quality photos from a variety of angles. With all of these reasons you've got no excuse. Buy a precut headlight tint kit for your freightliner today!




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