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Window trim wrap
by Paul, CA 5.00

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This was my first time wrapping and it came out pretty good. This was on my wife's brand new Honda Accord Sport in Sonic Gray Pearl. The car comes with black mirrors, black antenna fin, black spoiler, and black grill, but they did the window trim in chrome, WTH? So I tried "Plasti-dip" and I didn't like the result. After watching a few wrapping videos, I searched vehicle wraps and found and ordered enough 3M in satin black to do the trim. I measured, cut, took my time and trimmed using an X-Acto knife and it came out pretty darn good. For the driver doors that are fairly curved I actually made a template using brown packing paper to make sure I didn't run out of wrap. Thank you Rvinyl for an easy car mod!
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Mostly Great
by Brian, California 4.25

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This was my first Vinyl wrap project. I got two rolls, a black one with gold sparkles and a snake skin one, and they both looked pretty good. The preview image for the 3M gold sparkles was a lot glossier than what I received, which isn't much of a problem but not fully what I expected. The Rwraps snake skin one was perfect though and exactly like the preview image. The only 'issue' with the snake skin wrap was that the dimensions they sent were not what was listed. I actually got a bit more than what they listed which was a nice surprise.

As this was my first time, the application for my project was a bit rough. That's on me though and not the product. I definitely learned some things for my next attempt and will be buying the helpful application tools that are offered.

This was a great choice to meet my needs.
by Jimdavis195, Dallas Texas 5.00

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This product helped me finish my auto customization project.
I built a Jurassic Park car.
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