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Honda owners, this message is for you: We've got the fast, easy and affordable way to make your Civic, Accord, CR-V or other Honda model stand out from the crowd. After all, there's a reason that Honda is one of the most popular brands in the U.S. Honda cars are stylish, dependable, and well-engineered. The problem is, there are so many on the road that it's hard to makes yours look unique.

At Rvinyl, we've put together a large collection of precut DIY tint kits for tons of Honda models and generations. We don't just carry tint kits for current model year vehicles - we also carry many options for late-model cars and out-of-production models like the Prelude, S2000 and Del Sol. There's no need to try and create your own tint kit from generic sheet. Start with a model-specific Rvinyl precut tint kit, and give yourself the best chances at a perfect, high-quality tint job.

We Make the Process Easy

You might think that automotive tinting should be a task best left to the experts. But at Rvinyl, our kits are typically 1/3 the price of their installations. When you choose one of our precut kits designed specifically for your model of Honda, the installation isn't complicated. Simply follow the steps:

  • Thoroughly clean your windows, and remove all dirt, fingerprints and wax.
  • Do a trial run before you apply the tint to ensure you have a feel for manipulating and positioning the film.
  • Spray on some window tint installation fluid.
  • Carefully position the film, starting from the longest edge.
  • Carefully wipe out the bubbles as you pull the film taut and guide it into place.

In some cases, you may need to cut around a rear brake light or rear side window hardware. That's where a small blade and a steady hand are required. If you've never installed automotive tint before, you'll want to take it slow and start with a small, easily accessible window to get the hang of it. However, if you follow these steps as well as the detailed instructions provided in our kits, you'll have a clean and wrinkle-free installation.

The Hottest Honda on the Block

Have you already made some other mods and enhancements to your Honda? A tint can really finish off a custom graphics or trim job! Pick the amount of tint that suits your ride - we carry 5%, 20%, 25% and 50% VLT - and check the local laws on motor vehicle tint. Even if you haven't done any other mods to your car, a stock Honda can benefit from a tint. It keeps the temperature inside your car lower on sunny days, and protects your fabrics and plastics from sun damage. It also gives you and your family more privacy when you're driving, and keeps anything you have in your car less visible from the outside.

Now that you've seen all the advantages to our precut Honda DIY tint kits, browse our selection and pick the one that matches your vehicle. Get ready to notice a huge difference once you finish your install, and start enjoying the cool, custom look of an Rvinyl tint!

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Windowe Tint-Precut
by Frank Ster, Orange County, California 5.00

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Wonderful product & top notch customer service

Ceramic Tint
by Ty B, 4.50

review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
This tint is nice! Have installed many times and never have problems, however the drivers side window pieces didn’t stick very well… not sure if manufacturing flaw or what happened. Neither piece stuck very well. Rear window and passenger side fine so far! Rest of windows were fine. Overall, great value and nice ceramic tint. Would recommend for sure.

by Cristian, Oregon 5.00

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The tint was amazing, had no issues with it
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4.73 | 48 Reviews