Jeep Vehicle Wraps

Jeep is a company that has proven itself on the fields of war whose legendary CJ-2A civilian crossover helped to secure the automaker its place in non-enlisted hearts all across the USA. Ruggedness, dependability and off-road mastery are all key features which have defined the brand although the last two decades have witnessed an explosion of more versatile and varied offerings. Nonetheless, when Americans first began their love affair with Jeeps in the 1950s the brand attracted primarily tradesmen and those in the agricultural business.

Fast-forward to the 80s, and Jeep came of age gaining more mainstream acceptance with the release of the Wrangler and the Cherokee. In the decades to follow, sales of Wranglers, Cherokees and Grand Cherokees inspired a surge of confidence in the brand but, by the time of the Daimler Chrysler merger, the brand seemed to be in peril of being cut. Fortunately, the continuous innovation of the designers at Jeep led to the debut of the Liberty which helped to stabilize its trajectory. As the market changed with the introduction of a variety of crossover SUVs Jeep was able to compete with offerings such as the Compass, Commander and Patriot while still holding true to its roots with the Wrangler. ford.

Jeep DIY Wraps

As the decades have rolled by, Jeep has accrued a devoted following and a steadily growing selection of luxury sedans and coupes. Whether you've got a Cherokee and want to add some heat to it good looks with a Satin Flip Volcanic Flare wrap from  3M™ or you've got a quirky Renegade just begging for a Carbon Fiber hood wrap, you'll find more than 200 colors and styles here. Choose from a huge variety of finishes like Brushed, Matte, shade-shifter Flip or Chameleon and patterns like Carbon Fiber or Camouflage. In addition to our complete Jeep vehicle wrap selection we've also got a growing database of DIY articles, wrapping guides and carry a complete selection of wrapping tools and fluids too!

How Much Wrap Will You Need?

We've come up with a pretty simple formula to help you determine how much vinyl your Jeep will need. In short, just measure the length of your vehicle and multiply it by three (one for each side and the roof, hood and trunk) plus add an extra 5 to 15 feet for bumpers, rocker panels and mistakes.

Jeep Vehicle Wraps Specs

Both 3M™ and Rwraps™ Jeep vehicle wraps are designed to be used it right out without the need for extra glues or primers. Made with pressure-sensitive and heat-activated adhesives you can depend on these dual-cast films not to discolor or deform even when applied around the most extreme of curves unlike cheaper, calendared films. Enjoy the convenience and quality of our professional grade, DIY ready films and get to wrapping!

  • Dual-cast films
  • A selection of over 200 bold colors and finishes
  • Pressure-sensitive, heat-activated adhesives
  • Invisible, air-drain channels for bubble-free results
  • Sold by the foot so you never buy more than you need!
  • Semi-permanent and removable

Get Cash to for Your Jeep Wrap

When you wrap your Jeep car, truck or SUV with Rwraps™ or 3M™ Series 1080 vinyl wraps don't forget to take great pics of your work because when you send 5 or 6 high-quality photos into us you can get cash back! That's right when you submit your pictures and a review we'll give you a refund of up to $20 plus we'll post your pics to our site so you get a little fame with your fortune too!

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