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    Rtint™ Neon Smoke Tint Film is a 87% VLT shade, optically clear film that applies over the housing of your lights and adds an attractive florescent green tint. Why pay more to have a shop permanent paint or spray your lights when you can get the look of Neon tinted lights for a fraction of the cost and safely remove your Rtint™ whenever you want to? Applies with heat and doesn't significantly impact the light output of your car, truck, SUV, ATV or motorcycle's lights.

    Manufacturer Part Number: rtint-s-007

    Rtint® Neon Smoke Tint Film Features

    • Neon Smoke Tint: 87% Light Transmission
    • Semi-permanent, self-adhesive — no messy glues required
    • Fits to your lights with heat
    • 3 mil thick film is easy to apply
    • UV stable, backed by a 3-year Warranty
    • Triple Ply Film with a clear liner and a protective layer

    Rtint® Neon Smoke Vinyl Wraps

    Rtint® Neon Smoke light tinting films makes your lights pop with an extra touch of florescent style! Regardless of whether you want to tint your headlights, tail lights, reflectors or any other lens, our specially formulated tint film is the perfect answer to DIY modification. Designed especially for the do-it-yourselfer, there's now no need to spend hundreds at a shop to have someone permanently paint, spray or dip your lights. Give your ride a florescent look that you can remove safely at anytime with Rtint® Neon Smoke vinyl wraps!

    Like all Rtint® smoked films, our Neon Smoke light tinting film is backed by our three year warranty against cracking and fading. Tint your lights without impacting the color of the light output by them with this self-adhesive film that doesn't need any special glues to apply. Rtint® Neon Smoke films apply just like a decal using the wet application method and heat. Once the film applied, squeegee out air and any remaining fluid and then trim with a razor blade.

    Rtint® Neon Smoke Tint Wraps Installation

    Naturally, the best way to learn how to install Rtint® film is to watch it being done which is why we offer a number of installation tutorial videos. Even is you choose not to smoke our your headlights, the techniques demonstrated are just as applicable to any lights you might think of tint. As well as videos, we also provide detailed written instructions online and with your Rtint® Neon Smoke wrap as well.

    Other things to consider that will have an impact upon the difficulty or ease of installation are:

    • The skill of the installer
    • The curvature of the surface
    • The use of proper installation tools

    What Rtint® Application Tools Are Recommended?

    Naturally, to get the best results we recommend all of them. They are as follows:

    Are Rtint® Neon Smoke Films Legal?

    Rtint® Neon tint films may not be legal for use on primary lighting. We recommend that you check your state or local laws before application. Our colored films do not produce a tinted light when lit. All non-clear films are intended for off-road show car use only.

    Can Rtint® Be Applied to Windows or Mirrors?

    No. Even though Rtint® Neon Smoke film does allow for light transmission, it is not optically clear and will greatly reduce visibility.

    What Does 87% VLT Mean?

    Rtint® Neon Smoke film, will smoke your lights by about 13% while still allowing 87% of light to escape the housing. When speaking of light tint films, it works opposite of window tint as you are trying to make the light appear darker on the outside rather than from the inside.

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