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    Rtint™ Pink Smoke Tint Film is a 46% VLT shade and is designed to be applied with heat to lights of almost any type of vehicle imaginable. Add an attractive pink tint to your lights while not significantly changing the output color. Why pay a shop hundreds to tint or spray your lights when Rtint™ Pink Smoke tint films make it easy to wrap yourself for a fraction of the cost?

    Manufacturer Part Number: rtint-s-010

    Rtint® Pink Smoke Tint Film Features

    • Pink Smoke Tint: 46% Light Transmission
    • Transparent, self-adhesive and pressure sensitive
    • Thermoformable for easy application
    • 3 mil thick for easier installation than thicker films
    • Backed by a 3-Year Warranty
    • Three Ply film with protective, clear liner

    Rtint® Pink Smoke Vinyl Wraps

    Rtint® Pink Smoke light tint films are DIY friendly, 3 ply sheets of wrapping film made to be applied to your vehicle's headlamps, tail lights, daytime running lights, fog lights and any other light housing you have the urge to modify. Apply to factory or aftermarket lights for a custom, pink look that is the ultimate way to showcase your personal style.

    Rtint® Pink Smoke light wrapping film is covered by a great 3-year warranty against peeling, cracking and fading. Designed to modify the appearance of your lights without effecting the output color of the light. It is a self-adhesive and semi-permanent film that does not require additional adhesives so it can be safely removed at anytime. It applies just like a decal to your lights via a wet application method — heat stretch it on, squeegee out the air and application fluids and trim away any excess.

    Installing Your Rtint® Pink Smoke Vinyl Wrap

    Need a few pointers on applying your Rtint® Pink Smoke films? Luckily for you we've got a number of great installation tutorial videos that walk you through the whole process. And, if you want an even more in-depth analysis of the process be sure to check out our written installation instructions online as well as with your Rtint® Pink Smoke wrap.

    Some other things to consider that will have an impact upon the ease of installation are:

    • Your familiarity with Rtint® films
    • The complexity of the installation surface
    • Your skill as an installer
    • Using the right tools


    Which Application Tools Do You Recommend to Install Pink Rtint® Films?

    All of them. Installation can be hard depending on the complexity of the lights being tinted and we want you to get the best possible results.


    Are Rtint® Pink Smoke Films Legal?

    JDM-style Rtint® Pink Smoke tint films may not be legal for street use on primary lighting. Please check your state or local laws before application. Our colored films do not produce a tinted light when lit. All non-clear films are intended for off-road show car use only.

    What Does 46% VLT Mean?

    Rtint® Pink Smoke film, our most popular tuner-inspired wrap, will smoke your lights by about 54% while still allowing 46% of light to escape the housing. Light tint films are rated in the opposite way of window tint as you are trying to make the light appear darker on the outside rather than from the inside.

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