Chevy Tail Light Tints

Chevrolet is an American automotive powerhouse who can boast winning entries in every category. Whether it's the fast and furious Corvette Stingray, the bold and strong Silverado or the zippy Cruze, Chevy's got something for everyone. So, why settle for less and pay more when you want to smoke out your Chevy's tail lights? Choose Rtint® taillight covers made by Rvinyl — a company that's as all-American as Chevrolet itself.

When you purchase a pair of precut taillight tints from us you can count depend its quality and performance. Every Rtint® tail light cover (except for Midnight Static Cling) is made from 3-ply tint film with a clear liner and an invisible upper protective layer. What this means is that your tints are protected both during shipping and installation.

Why Lay It when You Can Spray It?

Recently, dipping has become one of the most popular DIY vehicle mods out there. In fact, just look for Chevy tail light tint on YouTube and you're bound to come across dozens of videos of people spray tinting or Plasti-dipping their tail lamp lenses. As a result, we now carry both Plasti-Dip and VHT sprays but really don't recommend using them. Read on to find out why.

When you use a spray on tint you have to be very careful that you do it well. This means applying several coats of VHT or Plasti-Dip to get the darkness you want. Unfortunately, applying it evenly is harder than it sounds. In the case of VHT, this can mean ruining your lights since the paint is permanent when sprayed on plastic lenses.

Plasti-dip, though a less risky options than VHT, has its own problems. The most common complaint you hear about it is that it is not durable. Because it was first made to temporarily rubberize tool handles, it can be peeled away without damaging the surface.

More Choices

Not only is Rtint® a more durable option that won't permanently damage your taillights but it gives you more choices too. Sure, you might be able to get dip or sprays in a variety of colors but nowhere near as many as Rtint® film. Plus, where are you going to find a paint that give you the look of shade shifting chameleon? With more than a dozen different colors and shades to choose from there's sure to be something to suit your Chevrolet.

  1. Smoke — This is our most popular film. Glossy and only slightly tinted it's the number one choice for taillight covers.
  2. Red Smoke — When you wan to hide the amber in your taillights this is your number one choice.
  3. Matte Smoke —  Can't


 Custom Chevrolet Tail Light Tints

If you've looked through our site but still can't find a pair of tints for your Chevy don't despair because we've got just the thing. Rtint® custom Chevrolet tail light covers are designed to your specifications in the color or shade of your choice. Just place your order, confirm your details and within 7 to 21 business days you'll receive your tints. Nothing could be more simple or hassle-free and you just won't find this product anywhere else.

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by jOE, mINOOKA 3.25

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by Chelsea, Oklahoma 3.25

review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
Tint didn’t fit correctly

Easy manner to customize a vehicle
by CruzenPaseo, 4.50

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Installing isn't really hard but takes technique to get it done correctly. Wish there were install videos with better details. Also the vinyl would be easier to install if cut a 1/2 to 1 inch larger than light. The pros may be able to install with whats cut but common people will run into issues, why i give it a 4 star.

Once installed they look really good but I'm a perfectionist. Up close you can see the imperfections but at a distance, they look great. So a 4 star they get.

Value and Style are a full 5 star. The cost even with added liquids and accessories is still a good price. The tint gives the car the look i want.

If i had a second run at install it would be easier and I would know how to deal with imperfections. Overall a very good product, packaged nicely, certainly willing to buy again or for another car.


4.56 | 25 Reviews