MINI Taillight Covers

MINI is an automotive icon with a rich history and proud heritage. Whether it's the classic MINI Cooper, the Clubman, Countryman, hardtop or convertible there's no question that MINI has a lock on performance and quality. And now, with Rtint® taillight tints, there's never been an easier or better way to smoke out your tail lamps and add a touch of personal style.

When you choose Rtint® you're not only choosing a brand with over a decade of experience in the industry, you're choosing unrivalled selection and value. What that means is you'll be able to find a precut cover for your MINI here and, if for some reason you can't, we offer custom tail light covers designed to your specifications too. And, with over a dozen shades and colors to choose from you're sure to find just the look you want. Choose from Blackout, Smoke, Matte Smoke, Red Smoke, Chameleon and more.

Don't Believe the Hype

If you've been doing your research you've probably heard that you should just have a shop smoke out your taillights for you. We're here to tell you this though: don't believe it! Shops want you to pay them three times the price of one of our kits because it's good for them — how else are they going to stay in business? But, unless you're independently wealthy or have cash to burn you'll want to choose Rtint®. At a fraction of the price you could by 3 or 4 kits and get better results than to pay a detailer to do it.

Worried about installation? Don't be. We ship every tint with a detailed, single-page instruction that covers all aspects of the process from prep and cleaning through to installation and aftercare. You can also check out our library of video tutorials to clear up any confusion. Finally, we make it easy and cheap to get the tools you need by bundling our pro app kits which contain all the cleaning and slip solutions you need along with a razor and squeegee.

Get Cash Back

For over a decade we've been offering our Cash Back rebate program and the results have been fantastic. Want to know more? When you install your taillight tints take a moment to snap 5 or more pictures then send them to us with a 3 to 4 line review. Once we get them we'll issue you a refund of up to $20 and post your review and pics to our blog and website. Sound good? Well, then, what are you waiting for, pick up a set today!


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