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What is Hyper Gloss?

Rwraps™ Hyper Gloss is an ultra gloss film manufactured from multi-cast vinyl with micro channels that allows air to be released from the vinyl during contact with a surface you're applying it to, ridding you of potential air bubbles. This vinyl allows you to incorporate the ultra high gloss paint appearance to your vehicle, granting you the ability to change the vibe and look of your ride compared to the color you currently have. Doing this gives the reaction that you have enhanced your dull old paint job with an ultra high gloss coating all at the fraction of the cost to taking it to a body shop and having it chemically applied on.

When you get this vinyl applied to your ride, the finished look of it will definitely turn some heads when you're on the road or parked in a public space. If you want that customized, personalized look, you'll definitely find your solution with these high performance Rwraps. Air-release channels, super conformable, and easily applied to nearly any surface, this premium cast vinyl will keep you coming back for more! 

What are the Specifications for Hyper Gloss Film?

Rwraps™ Hyper Gloss film is very easy to handle and install onto a variety of surfaces. Automotive, Signage, Architectural, etc. Here are the specifications:

  • Conformability: Flat, compound curves, convex and concave surfaces
  • Installation Temperature Range: 75 to 85 Fahrenheit
  • End Use Temperature Range: -65 to 225 Fahrenheit
  • Thickness: 3 mil
  • Adhesives: Pressure-sensitive, heat-activated
  • Application Type: Dry
  • Service Life: 5 Years

Clear Protective Liner

When it comes to the customizing your vehicle or any other object you want to personalize, you always want to go for the best option, however, there are times where you want a cost effective method. Or you may want to do it yourself. Especially if you're not hardcore or a beginner. With Rwraps™ Hyper Gloss film, it is the most cost effective method for getting professional level results without breaking bank. Along with that, you're also not limited to just a vehicle customization.

With the Rwraps Hyper Gloss's Clear Protective Liner, you'll be able to safely and cleanly apply it to nearly any surface without hassle as opposed to using another brand such as Vvivid Ultra Gloss Films or Hyper Gloss Paint Protection Film spray downs. We'll break down why Rwraps™ Hyper Gloss is the optimal choice.

PPF Hyper Gloss Spray Down

If you're looking to give your vehicle a Hyper Gloss finish at a professional shop, you should be aware that aftercare plays a pivotal role in maintaining and preserving the appearance of your vehicle's finished look.  If your goal is to make your car as perfect, you'd already know that maintenance of your ride's paint job and overall body is a lot of work. So many variables can happen to ruin it. It can be an extremely daunting and intimidating idea to paint your ride, especially when there's a ton that can go wrong, something that frightens a ton of beginners and even enthusiasts from attempting the process themselves.

Another thing, it is suggested that most of vehicle paintjobs should be done in an controlled environment of a paint booth, which is something the average DIYer won't own. So a professional shop will definitely cost you. Going this route, you'll have to do the following:

  • Avoid washing the automobile within 7 days of application. - You will have to give your Hyper Gloss time to fully adhere to your ride. Washing it at this stage will just aggravate the surface, which will significantly hinder the adhesion process.
  • Avoid letting the automobile air dry. - You do have some options in regards to drying your vehicle. You can make use of an air-blower or a waffle-weave towel. Regardless of what you use, you cannot let your car air dry, as it will cause water-spotting.
  • Avoid washing the automobile in direct sunlight or while the paint is hot. - While washing your car in direct sunlight water can evaporate rather quickly leaving the possibility of water-spotting on your car. The heat can also exhilarate the car wash chemical and reduce its effectiveness.
  • Avoid going to automated car washes. - The washing mechanisms at Automatic car washes have a chance to cause swirl-like blemishes or even significant scratches on your ride. There's also a risk of chemical stains in case of a chemical failure.  

These are some of the more basic things you'll have to deal with in regards to long term maintenance. If you're looking to have a more simplified installation and aftercare time, this is not the route you want to go.

Vivvid Ultra Gloss

Vivvid's Ultra Gloss Film is a trickier film to work with, especially for newcomer DIYers and even experienced ones. Due to the thickness of Vivvid's film and discoloring when stretched a certain way, extremely precise care is needed for wrapping vehicles. The removal process is also considerably difficult and is highly recommended that you utilize a professional shop to remove the film. This is not a route you should choose if you're looking for a simpler, straightforward film application and removal process.

Air Release Technology

Our Hyper Gloss film features air-release channels. The channels are vital for professional looking wrap application results. Air release channels are extremely small channels located at the back of the film, inside the adhesive. These channels let air flow through the vinyl when it is installed, eliminating  any form of bubbling.

Now you may wonder how these air bubbles are formed. These air bubbles show up when one applies a graphic or wrap to a surface, like when you're applying a screen protector to your phone. You use one hand to hold the film and use your other hand to smooth down the vinyl using a squeegee or card. During this process, an air pocket has a chance at forming under the surface of the vinyl. In most vehicle and sign installations that utilize non air-release vinyl, you'll usually see a few bubbles that bake in the sun within a couple of weeks. This effect is caused by thick nature of the material along with the conditions of the application.

Our Rwraps™ Hyper Gloss with Air-Release removes all of these issues. This is critical to getting professional looking results. When you install this wrap, you'll see as you apply and squeegee, the air bubbles will disappear like magic, it's very cool and satisfying to see. You'll have a smooth, uniform look thanks to this.


Rwraps™ Hyper Gloss provides heavy duty protection and increased abrasion resistance when properly installed. It has aggressive rubber adhesive bonds that will hold to a variety of surfaces for long-term use, including for outside applications. The conformable backing makes will cling to a surface completely uniform, and yet can be easily removed and readjusted without losing its adhesion strength. It's definitely impressive to behold, like magic. Hyper Gloss can be stretched to extremes without discoloring or tearing, so you can confidently apply and conform it to uneven surfaces without needed to lift and retract the film.

Why You Should Get Rwraps™ Hyper Gloss

Rwraps™ Hyper Gloss is a beautiful vinyl wrap that transforms your vehicle. If you wanted to give your vehicle a stunning new appearance, then hyper gloss is right for you. No longer will your vehicle be ignored and overlooked. No matter what brand or model year you have, hyper gloss will stylize your car, truck, or SUV and make it feel brand new. All without the price of one.

An Affordable Alternative

You can go to a professional and have them charge you an extravagant amount to wrap your vehicle for you. That’s not including the more complicated wraps such as hyper gloss. Or you can buy vinyl wrap from any random company and you will be surprised at the subtotal.

Here at Rvinyl™, we provide premium quality vinyl wraps at amazing prices. The difference between our prices and our competitors is astounding and you will see why millions of people trust us when they want to buy vinyl wraps. We offer vinyl wraps by the foot so you don’t have to buy any more than what you plan to use. And with a lifespan of over five years, you won’t have to worry about it replacing it anytime soon.

Amazing Rwraps™ Hyper Gloss Features

With our Rwraps™ Hyper Gloss vinyl wraps, you will be amazed at what they offer. It comes with air-release microchannels which will give you a bubble-free installation. Our multi cast film prevents any discoloring and the clear protective liner, you can apply the vinyl wrap cleanly without an issue. With all of these features, you are guaranteed a finish like no other.

Choose From Various Colors

Our Rwraps™ Hyper Gloss vinyl wraps come in eight different colors. You can choose from Black, Blue, Gray, Orange, Red, Turquoise, White, and Yellow. Visit our hyper gloss page for the most current updates. We are always updating our catalog to always meet our customers preferences. With all that said, quit waiting and get yours today!

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