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6 Steps to Wrap Your Rims

Whether you're tired of the look of your chrome rims, want to hide damaged and scuffed rims or want a stylish way to add a little protection from curb rash, rim wrap are the way to go. Choose from a dizzying variety of styles and brands to get just the look you want like 3M™ Scotchlite 680 film for reflective rims, Avery™ Carbon Fiber for a custom look or Rwraps™ Sticker Bomb to show off your JDM style, we've got it all and more. For the most part you will either want to purchase a 48-inch by 60-inch sheet of film per pair but, since everyone is different and there are a variety of rim sizes out there, you'll want to measure carefully before you purchase.

Supplies You'll Need for Rim Wrapping

We recommend the following supplies and tools to make your wrapping experience as flawless as possible:

  • One sheet of vinyl for each wheel with at least a two inch margin on all sides
  • An Olfa-style Exacto knife
  • Heat gun
  • Squeegee
  • Degreaser
  • Lint-Free Towel
  • Isopropyl Alcohol
  • 3M™ Primer Pen

Step 1: Clean and Degrease Rims

Before applying the vinyl wrap to the surface your vehicle's rims, it is absolutely necessary that you clean well. Because your rims are in contact with grease and grime on a daily basis you should use a heavy duty degreaser to clean the rim and (unless you have removed it) the tire as well. You should do this at  least twice, being sure to clean the undercarriage and surrounding panels as well.

Step 2: Reclean with Isopropyl Alcohol

Because degreaser can compromise the adhesive of your rim wrap, use a lint-free cloth with rubbing alcohol to reclean all surfaces. This will remove the degreaser and any left-over dirt and debris.

 Step 3: Lay Down Your Pre-Measured Rim Wrap

Once surface is dry, peel the wrap film from the backing and lay it on the rim, making sure you leave a 2-inch excess on all sides for easier handling. Using your fingers, tack down the film in its desired position.

Step 4: Apply Heat and Squeegee On

Begin to apply heat while you use a flat edge or squeegee to push the film into place. Use moderate pressure starting from the middle and moving outwards. At the same time apply your heat in a back-and-forth motion at 8 to 12-inches away from film (thicker and textured films will require you to be closer). Push any trapped air to the edges of your panel until expelled.

Step 5: Seal & Trim

Use your squeegee to firmly press down and into bevels and  crevices. Next, trim away all excess vinyl with your razor.

Step 6: Post-Heat Your Rim Wrap

Finally, post-heat your film and trim ay final excess away. Once you've done this you can sit back and enjoy the custom look of your all new rim wrap! And, folks, that's all there is to it.

Get Your Rim Wraps Now

Now that you know how, what are you waiting for? Pick up a custom rim wrap kit today!

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SarahBrink101 January 16, 2022 9:20 AM reply
This is great! I usually have people do all my car work. I have people who tint my windows, clean my car, change my tires, etc. It will be really nice to be able to do something myself! Not only that, but THIS LOOKS SO COOL! I think it will make my car look bangin! I can't wait!!!

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