How to Choose the Right Neon Fluorescent Vinyl

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Choosing the Right Neon Fluorescent Vinyl in 7 Steps

Choosing the Right Neon Fluorescent Vinyl in 7 Easy Steps

When you're considering purchasing a Neon Fluorescent film there are a number of things you want to keep in mind. In fact, we'd say there are exactly seven of them. In the flowchart above we outline every step but here's a quick refreshed and a TLDR for those of you using text-to-speech:

  1. Define Your Project: Decide how you want to use the Fluorescent Neon film. Will you be making a sign for your business, school or office? Do you want to wrap a partial or full vehicle? These considerations will get you started in the right direction.
  2. Figure Out How Long It Needs to Last: Since neon films are notorious for fading quickly you'll want to be sure you choose the right film for your application.
  3. Decide Where It Will Go: In other words, will you be applying this film inside or outside? The sun exacerbates fading so if you have a windshield decal or store window sign you'll want to choose choose ORACAL® 7510 for its extended durability.
  4. Will You Wrap or Cut: Do you need to wrap a vehicle or are you using an electronic cutter to make signs, labels, die-cut graphics and more?
  5. Choose Your Finish: Do you want high-gloss or satin? If you want a flat finish then 3M™ Neon Wraps are your only choice.
  6. Choose Your Color: Across all brands you will generally find at least two and as many as six different fluorescent vinyl color options.
  7. Decide Where to Buy: This is the easy part — buy your film from us since you can by by the foot and don't have to commit to several yards and hundreds of dollars.

Side-by-Side Neon Fluorescent Comparison

Now that you know what to look for you'll want to see these films side by side so you can make your decision. Here's a handy little chart we've come up with for you:

Neon Fluorescent Vinyl Film Comparison Chart

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