Air-Release Adhesives and You

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Air-Release Adhesives: A Revolution in Vinyl

Air-channel adhesives have completely revolutionized the industry. Initially introduced exclusively for large format vehicle wraps, the use of air-egress liners has now been adopted by a number of other applications. Sign and craft vinyl films like Avery™ SC950 and 3M™ 180mC opaque cut vinyl films now feature air-channels but perhaps the most exciting and innovative development is the release of air-release tints.

Head and Taillight Tints

The Italian company APA,, has recently released a line of tail and headlight tints with air-egress adhesives. Other companies such as Luxe Auto and ViVVID films now offer similar products in a variety of shades. Look for the development of ever more air-release tints and vinyl films as the technology becomes more easily available and accessible.

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