Avery™ HP 750 Series VS ORACAL® 651

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Avery Dennison® HP 750 VS ORACAL® 651

When you're looking for a vinyl you can use in your electronic cutter (regardless of whether it's a Cricut, Silhouette, Brother or anything else) but you're worried about quality, performance and durability, it's only natural to do a little bit of research. And, frankly, you'd be remiss if you didn't. Still, getting to the bottom of the issue of whether Avery's HP 750 High Performance Cut vinyl film is a better deal than ORACAL® 651 Intermediate Cal film isn't going to be easy for most people. That's why we cam up with this handy, dandy infographic: to help answer questions you won't find answered anywhere else.

A Question of Names and Time

You see, part of the problem is that Avery™ just loves to change up it's series names. Let's say you do a quick Google search for "avery HP750 vs oracal 651." AT the time of writing, the top result will bring you to a forum post from 2012. At that time, Avery didn't even make HP 750 so you'll only find references to 700 Series. Go even further down the rabbit hole and you'll find out that they used to call it A6 and (before that even) A5! So, trust us when we tell you, you're not going to find the answers anywhere else.

What Matters Is How You Use It

As you can say from the above, there's really no good way to say which film is better. If you need more color choices and are willing to pay a little more, choose HP750. Looking for absolute bargain basement prices but can't bear to go for Chinese vinyl? Trust 651. That, my friends, is really the long and the short of it. So, whichever you decide, we wish you every success!

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