Custom Land Rover Dash Kits

Land Rover custom dash kits are the ultimate way to add a touch of personalized style to your vehicle's interior. Land Rover has always been a study in contrasts, at once being a luxury SUV while retaining the ability to go off-road at a moment's notice so it's no surprise that Land Rover owners want to communicate these values through the right interior trim kits. Whether you have an all-new Evoque, LR4 or are the proud owner of a classic Discovery II or Freelander, there's just no better place than here to find the right mix of product options and affordability. We've spent over a decade developing and selling products designed for the hands-on enthusiast who wants to customize their Land Rover themself and we invite you to browse our selection of woodgrain, carbon fiber, chrome and other dash kits. We think you'll be both surprised and pleased by the sheer number of dash trim kits we carry.

Land Rover: A Legacy of Supremacy   

Land Rover is the original luxury SUV and off-roader and its current design language can be credited to Maurice Wilks when he crafted the first Land Rovers form the body of an army surplus Jeep. Initially, the brand was synonymous with endurance, performance and its near indestructible nature although it began to take on more and more premium features as the decades passed. Key to Land Rovers design success, however, is its strong ties to its past and its inspired vision for tomorrow.

Land Rover builds performance vehicles with a very specific type of buyer in mind: a business person who is willing to pay a premium provided that the end result will not disappoint. As such, Land Rover buyers demand both high-performance and longevity, both of which are bred directly into the design DNA of every vehicle the company produces.

Land Rover: King of the Jungle

The form of the coveted Land Rover is crafted through the joining of flat planes with definite although subtle transitions. Perhaps the most surprising element of contemporary Land Rover design is its use of an aesthetic that mirrors the contours and lines of the African lion. The most striking similarities between these two forms are manifest in the geometry of the Land Rover's roof and hood overhangs that are intended to call to mind the muzzle of the lion. These and other features (see Andrew Haglund's work on the Land Rover Pride Series) provide a very specific example of the way in which automotive designers take their inspiration directly from nature.

In addition to the bold exterior styling, Land Rover designers outfitted the interior spaces with premium quality leathers, wood veneers and brushed aluminum instrument trim. Clearly, any dash kits that would be added to the interior of such a refined piece of automotive artistry would need to meet and exceed the same high quality standards that the manufacturer sets for itself. And, as luck would have it, Benevento wood dash kits are just such a product line.

Benevento Dash Kits for Land Rover

Benevento is an all-American company based in Brooklyn NY with an old world commitment to design and execution. Although today's dash kits are designed utilizing computer aided technology and are cut from real carbon fiber and premium woodgrain materials using a powerful and extremely accurate laser, each kit is artisanally made. Once your Benevento dash kit is cut by the laser it is then taken to our pouring room by one of our craftsmen who then hand pours the polyurethane coating which gives it the beveled, high-gloss finish that is so sought after and has come to be associated with luxury factory trim. After the polyurethane has cured your Land Rover dash kit is inspected for quality and, only after it has passed our rigorous quality control process, does it leave our facility.

Benevento dash kits for your Land Rover are available in a variety of patterns and colors all of which will help you to add your own personal style to your interior without compromising its luxury appearance. And, because every Benevento dash kit comes with pre-applied VHB foam tape installation is simple and straightforward. Simply remove the red liner from the back of each piece of interior trim and stick in place (after having read and followed the installation and surface preparation guidelines). Once the kit  has bonded to the surface, it is guaranteed not to peel or come off of the dash so there is no need to worry about that. At Rvinyl we understand that Land Rover owners have discerning taste which is why we recommend only that you buy from the best. And if you don't yet see a kit made for your model year trust us to have a custom dash kit designed for you. Trust Benevento to restyle your interior and buy a high-quality dash kit in wood grain or carbon fiber today.

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Better than I thought
by Katie Ford, Vermont 5.00

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I’m pretty impressed with the look. Even more, impressed that I could install it myself! Easy to use and looks good.

Absolute Crap
by Sunny, TX 1.00

review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
This dash kit was so poor I was embarrassed to show it to the customer. I am going to request a full refund. I am surprised the RVINAL sells something that is so pitiful. It is a crappy decal. the print is terrible. Doesn't even look close to anything you would want in a car. This product is not worth the air space it takes up .

Dash kit
by ChristopherED3A7NMV, California 2.50

review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
The vinyl was not what I expected. It has a cheap look to it and might have been better to just remove each piece and paint it. I'm not sure if I will leave it on but as of now, I'm leaning towards removing it.


3.70 | 5 Reviews