Custom Dash Trim for Pontiac

Pontiac custom dash kits are truly the quickest and most inexpensive way to completely upgrade your Pontiac's interior in a matter of minutes. Why spend hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars to customize your interior at a shop when you can do-it-yourself with one of our high-quality, custom dash kits? And, because we carry a precut dash trim kit for every Pontiac made in the last 35 years, you can be sure to find exactly what you need here. Oh, and did we mention that everything we sell is made right here in the USA and ships direct to you from Brooklyn? Rvinyl is proud to say that all of its Pontiac dash kits are Brooklyn Built and we hope you'll share our passion for restyling an American classic with American made dash kits.

Pontiac: Performance that Never Dies

Pontiac may have ended production in 2010 but there's just no question that it was responsible for some of the most iconic cars in American automotive history. For most of its life the brand was a companion to Chevrolet and was marketed as the performance marque of GM. Even today it's still common to see a race inspired G6 on the road or mint Firebird at an auto show and it really isn't hard to understand why the brand was so loved. Unfortunately, due to the changing nature of the economy and the huge down turn caused by the recession of 2008, GM simply couldn't keep the brand afloat so it was sacrificed along with a slew of other marques.

Although it may seem like a lot of time has passed since production of Pontiac cars ended, the brand does have a remarkable staying power and attraction that make it unlikely that they will vanish from sight any time soon. In fact, they still have such a cult following that there are a number of groups who are petitioning GM to bring it back. Just a quick search on Google delivers loads of results with Facebook groups and websites dedicated to bringing Pontiac back. Here at Rvinyl too we still see a number of custom Pontiac dash kits go out the door everyday so it's really no surprise when we hear that people are still looking to modify and upgrade their beloved G8s and Fieros.

Pontiac Design Failures and Opportunities

In the last two decades of its existence Pontiac design both in terms of its interior trim and exterior cladding was constantly beset by problems which were largely budgetary in nature as well as a result of its design by committee (see the atrocious Pontiac Aztek if you need an example of the latter). Largely due to the fact that GM was simply carrying too many different divisions Pontiac designers were often forced to share components with other brands which resulted in both aesthetic and performance failures. In terms of the quality of materials one could also see that something was lacking especially with the Grand Am and Grand Prix editions that were released in the mid-1990s. Cheaper plastics and composites were used in the interiors which gave the dashboard and door panels a drab, lifeless appearance.

Fortunately for Pontiac enthusiasts everywhere, GM's failures to up the ante in terms of design and materials is the perfect opportunity for aftermarket restyling. Several well-known and respected companies such as American Car Craft, Benevento, Automaxus and Rvinyl have stepped up to provide customers with custom interior trim for all makes and models of Pontiac vehicles. So, whether you're looking for stainless steel trim accents from ACC or carbon fiber dash kits you've come to the right place to find them.

Pontiac Dash Kits for the Enthusiast

At Rvinyl we're devoted to helping true Pontiac fans get the style they need to update and restore their rides. Whether you have a classic Fiero and need a high-quality  polyurethane dash kit from DL Auto or Benevento to cover up surface damage caused by the sun and years of use or a late model G6 that you think would look great with interior trim in carbon fiber you have come to the right place. Don't like the high gloss look of polyurethane coated dash kits but want the same thickness and the adhesion of red liner VHB tape? Well, look no further than Automaxus custom dash kits.

Automaxus Pontiac dash kits are available in all of the same great woodgrain styles and finishes as Benevento but also give you a lot more variety in terms of additional carbon fiber, chrome and camouflage patterns. Want to add high-tech Digital Camo to your Pontiac's dash? Well Automaxus is the way to go. In addition, because the manufacturing process of Automaxus dash kits does not involve hand-pouring the polyurethane like Benevento and DL Auto dash kits they are priced more competitively as well.

Rvinyl dash kits are the thinnest dash skins on the market and deliver the most color and finish options as well as the most pieces. Because they are made using thinner materials, without thick, VHB tape and no poly doming they are available at half the price of other dash trim kits. Upgrade and restyle your Grand Am or Vibe's interior with a yellow carbon fiber dash kit or dash trim in diamond plate for a truly personalized look and when you're done get out your phone and snap some shots to send us for our instant cash back rebate.

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Looks Great
by Richard Staskowski, 5.00

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Hello, I am very pleased with the look of this product! Looks fantastic, I have not installed the product as of yet because I am still doing a restoration but going by the quality of the product and how quick it was shipped I think it will probably be a good install!

by Tobey F, WASHINGTON, MO 5.00

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Turned out fantastic! Added that little bit of custom but I could turn it right back to stock very easily.
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Vinyl quality was as expected, great always from 3M
by Oscar E, LOS ANGELES, CA 5.00

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Very easy to install and maneuver around. The reason I purchased the product was to wrap the door pillars of my car, this was my first time doing such a job and it came out amazing.
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