Mitsubishi Headlight Tint

Mitsubishi headlight tint kits from Rtint® are an easy way to smoke out your lenses and add style to your ride. It really doesn't matter if you've got the latest model Outlander Sport, Mirage or the last gen Evo, we've got precut tint for all of the newest Mitsubishi vehicles on the road. Got an older model Eclipse, Raider or Montero? No worries there either. We carry Rtint® headlight cover kits for just about every year, make and model vehicle on the road.

All Mitsubishi headlight covers we sell are computer designed and machine cut aside for great fitment, so they're easy to install for the DIYer and pro alike. When you select your year, make and model and click into the desired results, you'll find a schematic of your Mitsubishi's headlights. Choose the from popular shades like Smoke, Blackout, Matte, Yellow, HID Blue or even Chameleon headlight film. And, in addition to choosing your color and shade you can also decide if you want to go for our standard tint film or our 12mil thick headlight protection.

Install in a Hurry

Worried about installing your tints? There's no need because we include detailed instructions with every kit that walk you through the cleaning, preparation and installation process you'll have your Mitsubishi tinted in no time flat. More of a visual learner? No problem, we have easy to understand installation videos that show you how to install your Mitsubishi headlight covers in a snap. And, as you'll notice when you use our intuitively designed site, you can easily add a complete professional installation kit to ensure you have all of the right tools for the job.

Why Mitsubishi Headlight Covers?

There are a ton of good reasons to tint your Mitsubishi with one our precut kits but, rather than bore you with long-winded descriptions of why you should buy our kits, we'll make it simple with a few bullet points:

  • Unrivalled Selection — We offer a pre cut headlight tints for just about every Mitsubishi every driven in the US!
  • Popular Shades  — Get the shade or color you want.
  • 3-Year Warranty — Our kits will not fade, peel or purple within 3 years.
  • UV Protection — Rtint® headlight tints protect your lenses from harmful ultra-violet radiation.

Probably the best reason to buy from us is because, if you can't find precut tints for your lenses here or elsewhere, we'll design and produce custom headlight tints for you. Simply select your year, make and model, pick the shade or color of tint you'd like and checkout. We'll then follow up to confirm your details and, once you write back, we'll produce the kit within 7 to 21 business days.

Cash Back for Your Tints

Are you convinced yet? If we haven't made a case for why you want to choose an Rtint® kit for your Mitsubishi we saved the best for last: cash back rebates. That's right, when you purchase any precut tint kit from us you are eligible to receive up to a $20 refund for it. How? Simply install your Mitsubishi headlight tint, take a minimum of 5 great looking photos and upload or email them to us.


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Looks easy to use....
by Ezekiel S.,, Miami, FL 4.00

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I definitely thought it would be easier to tint my headlights, but it does take some practice doing it the right way. The color is great and it has little effect while driving at night. The hardest part was applying it by myself as the film is sticky! It would be easier with a helper.
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by Loran M., Moyock, NC 5.00

review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
Really fast shipping! The tint was sized perfectly and installation was pretty darn straightforward. I got a custom look without that custom price tag. Highly recommended.
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Really awesome material
by Josh Lopez, 4.75

review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
First let me start by saying that this by far the best tint I’ve seen in a while the look n the feel of it amazing. Now the only issue is tht some the adhesive wore off at the end when installing the tail lights bt other then tht it was spot on!! Thanks again!


4.70 | 5 Reviews