Precut Suzuki Window Tint Kits

Precut window tints are the quickest way to add style, protection and comfort to your Suzuki. Whether you drive a sporty Kizashi, a peppy Aerio or the popular Grand Vitara you know you need the UV protection and privacy only a high-quality window tint can provide. At Rvinyl we pride ourselves on offering the largest section of precut tints for all Suzuki models form classics like the Sidekick, Swift and Esteem to newer models like the Forenza. Why would you even think of paying more when you can get a complete DIY Suzuki window tint kit from Rvinyl for less than $50?  And with free shipping starting at $49.99 there's never been a better time to buy your DIY tint kit than right now!

Fast & Fun

Most people wouldn't think ordering and installing DIY window tint would be a fun experience but then again you're not most people. At Rvinyl we cater to the DIY automotive enthusiast which is why we have taken the time to make our site as user friendly as possible. Using our drop down menu selectors and graphical user interface you can get the right tint for your Suzuki in no time at all. Simply use the pictures of your Suzuki's windows to choose 5%, 20%, 35% or 50% VLT for the front visor, front windows, back windows and rear windshield. Mix and match to get the perfect combination of shades and tint saving you time, money and the hassle of a ticket when you buy one-size-fits-all tint kits elsewhere.

Sure, ordering sounds easy enough but what about installation? We got you covered there too because every tint kit that goes out the door includes a single page instructional guide that walks you through the tinting process. More of a visual learner? You'll be happy to know that we have a growing collection of tutorial videos and how-tos that show instead of tell you how to tint your Suzuki's windows. And, just in case you do make a boo-boo we're happy to offer you discounted replacements so you can quickly fix your mistakes without having to buy a completely new tint kit.

When you're tinting your car's windows you need to make sure that you have the tools for the job. That's why we make it easy to add a professional window tint installation kit from Gila with every window tint kit. These kits have everything you need except for patience and a heat gun to get the job done including:

It goes without saying that you also need the right tools to tint your Smart's windows which is why we make adding  to every order incredibly easy. Inside each kit you get a multi-purpose Conqueror squeegee, a retractable razor blade, a spray bottle of full of application fluid and a microfiber cloth that won't scratch your tint. All you have to provide is patience, elbow grease and a heat gun.

Why Precut Suzuki Window Tints?

There are a ton of good reasons to use Rvinyl's DIY window tint kits on your Suzuki but we'll only list the top 5 here:

  1. Ridiculous Saving —  Spend a third of what you would for a shop to tint your Suzuki's windows.
  2. Purchase Protection —  When you buy from Rvinyl you get Discounted Replacements and an automatic 3-Year Warranty on every purchase.
  3. Quick Fulfillment —  You get next business day fulfillment on all window tint orders.
  4. Popular Shades —  We carry all of the most popular charcoal tint percentages.
  5. Unbeatable Selection —  Rvinyl has precut window tints for almost every Suzuki on the road today.

Fast Cash Back

Rvinyl's $20 cash back refund rebate program is a great way for you to get the tint you want while getting paid for it. When you buy a Suzuki window tint kit from us and install it don't forget to get out your phone and snap five or more pictures of your results. Then, either using our easy upload form or via email, send us your photos. Within days you'll receive a refund of up to $20 and your Suzuki will be featured on our site and blog. How cool is that? So, hurry and buy your tint today to take advantage of all we have to offer.

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Good stuff
by Joseluis , 139 Autumn St Passaic, Nj 07055 4.00

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Its not really hard once you have some theory On how to install them.

by Satisfied customer, WA 4.50

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Quick delivery, pre-cut was very convenient. Looks great

To easy
by Devin Carl, Ohio 5.00

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I bought a 5% brow for my STI. Cut perfect and easy to go on. I will be buying more
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4.50 | 4 Reviews