Ford Smoked Tail Light Tint

Ford is the all-American car company par excellence. Whichever way you turn, it's easy to see that Ford is still king of the hill. Whether you own the best-selling pickup in history known as the F-150, the Mustang which launched an thousand copy-cats or the Taurus, the car that reinvented the definition of the American family sedan, you know that you've got only the best. Regardless of which you Ford you own, a smoked tail light tint kit can go a long way to making it truly of your own.

Rtint® precut Ford tail light tint kits are designed specifically for your Ford model and year. Gone are the guesswork and waste that comes with using uncut rolls of tail light tint. Plus, our online selection is easy to search, so you can find the custom Ford tail light covers you need in just a few clicks.

More Shades than You Can Shake a Stick At

At Rvinyl we're proud to offer you a wider selection of tail light tint film shades and colors than anyone else. Of course, our most popular shades are our Smoke, Blackout and Clear Smoke films but we also carry more exotic styles like Chameleon shade shifter, HID blue and JDM yellow. Another fan favorite is orur Red Smoke film which is perfect for hiding amber yellow sections of your lights. We also offer a half dozen other colors too so why not check out our Pink, Green, Neon or Orange Rtint®? Just browse our selection and we think you'll find exactly the thing you need to customize your Ford's tail lamp lenses and get the look you've been dreaming of.

Clearly, there's no good reason to spray it instead of laying it. With Rtint®, you get the convenience of a semi-permannet film that can be removed (don't try that with VHT Nite-Shades!) and the durability of an overlay (Plasti0dip is easily scratched off). Plus, if you're really committed to the dipped look just choose our Matte Smoke and you can have the best of both worlds.

To You in a Hurry

Once you've placed your order, we work quickly to ship your order off to you. So quickly that all orders are processed and shipped within one business day! In other words, if you order on a Friday your order will ship out to you on Monday but if you order Monday it will ship on Tuesday. Make sense? We hope so but if you still want your tints faster you can always upgrade to Priority Mail shipping.

Worried about installation? Don't be. We include a detailed, single-page guide that walks you through the entire process. And, if you prefer to see it being done rather than reading about it, check out our instructional video tutorials too.

Custom For Tail Light Tints

Ford has one of the biggest lineups on the road. From the sporty Fiesta to the full-size Taurus and the Transit Connect to the Expedition SUV, every Ford model has uniquely shaped tail lamps. That's why we have created overlays that glide over the countours and curves of each one. But if you still can't find your year and model in our inventory We eliminate the guesswork and trial-and-error involved with generic rolls of tint. We have also accounted for the shape and curve of every tail light in your Ford. To provide you with the most flexibility possible, you can chose kits for your front, rear and back windows, depending on your preference.

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Rvinyl 2018 Ford Explorer Taillight Tint
by stbgraphx, Summerville, South Carolina 4.75

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This precut shape tint worked well. Little more tricky to apply than the headlights, because the taillights have 3 different angle faces on each light. But! no worries. little application solution, allowed for sliding tint vinyl around to fit. A heat gun will also help once you have it in place to warm up the vinyl to stretch carefully to furthest edges of the light lenses. PATIENCE is required. Take your time applying. ha!
My vehicle looks so sharp now.
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Horrible install
by Mike, Lebanon Ohio 3.50

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These would look great if u were a professional installer.
My taillights have curves, gaps, crevices and a plain nightmare to deal with. If u have smooth straight taillights them I’m sure it would be much easier. F-150 with blind spots…… don’t attempt it

Rear light tint
by ChristineD, Lehigh Valley, PA 4.75

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Installed smoke tint on reverse lights and reflectors on a 2021 Ford Explorer ST. The cut was slightly larger than the reflectors so I tucked it around the light and used a hair dryer which seem to shrink it some and adhere. Perfect fit on reverse lights. Don't intend to install the brake light ones as a preference.
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4.51 | 21 Reviews