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Bicycle Wraps: Color Change and Reflective Accent Wraps

Cycling, for many, isn't just a mode of transportation or a casual hobby—it's an extension of one's personal style and a commitment to safety. In this vibrant realm, color change and reflective accent wraps have emerged as game-changers. While color change wraps offer a dynamic transformation, allowing cyclists to refresh and personalize their bikes' aesthetics as often as they like, reflective accents elevate nighttime safety, ensuring riders are visible in low-light conditions. Together, these wraps blend form and function, making every ride both a statement and a safeguard.

Color Change Bicycle Wraps: Transforming Rides with 3M, Avery, ORACAL, and Rwraps

In the dynamic world of cycling, personal expression and customization play a pivotal role. Bicyclists don't just select a bike based on its performance, but also its aesthetic appeal and the ability to mirror their unique personality. Leading the charge in this revolution of style and safety are color change bicycle wraps. Pioneered by prominent brands like 3M, Avery, ORACAL, and Rwraps, these wraps aren't merely about changing colors but creating an entirely new riding experience.

The Renaissance of Bicycle Customization

As urban cycling grows, so does the need for differentiation. Bicycles are no longer just a mode of transport; they are a style statement, a reflection of the rider's ethos. The color of a bike speaks volumes about its rider. While manufacturers offer various colors, there's a limit to how much customization they can provide. This is where color change bicycle wraps step in.

3M Bicycle Wraps: Innovation Meets Style

When you mention wraps, 3M is undoubtedly one of the first names that springs to mind. Their prowess in adhesives and wrap technologies is unparalleled. The 3M color change wraps are a testament to their commitment to quality and innovation. Crafted with care, these wraps are durable, resistant to elements, and come in a plethora of shades and finishes. From matte, satin, gloss, to metallic and even textured finishes like carbon fiber and brushed metal, 3M offers cyclists the freedom to reimagine their bikes in ways they never thought possible.

Avery: A Symphony of Colors

Avery Dennison, with its rich history and global presence, brings to the table a range of color change wraps that are both vibrant and durable. The Avery color change bicycle wraps are known for their ease of application, ensuring that even novices can achieve a seamless look. What sets Avery apart is their palette. Their wraps radiate under sunlight, showcasing a depth of color that's both rich and mesmerizing. Every hue is designed keeping in mind the modern cyclist, ensuring there's a shade for every mood and personality.

ORACAL: The European Maestro

Hailing from Europe, ORACAL is synonymous with precision. Their color change bicycle wraps are the epitome of European craftsmanship. Known for their precision cuts and impeccable finishes, ORACAL wraps are a favorite among professionals. They offer a diverse range, from deep, muted tones to bright, bold colors. Their unique selling point? The consistency of their hues. Regardless of the angle or lighting, an ORACAL wrapped bike will always be the center of attention.

Rwraps: Affordability Meets Quality

For those who yearn for quality without burning a hole in their pockets, Rwraps is the go-to brand. While they might be priced lower than their counterparts, there's no compromise on quality. Rwraps offers a variety of finishes, from the ever-popular matte and gloss to more experimental ones like holographic and chrome. Their wraps are durable, resistant to scratches, and UV protected. But what truly sets them apart is their DIY-friendly nature. Designed for easy application, they're perfect for those weekend projects, ensuring every cyclist can have a custom-looking bike without the custom price tag.

Why Opt for Color Change Bicycle Wraps?

Beyond the obvious aesthetic appeal, color change wraps offer a myriad of benefits. They protect the original paint job from scratches, dings, and UV radiation. Given their protective nature, they also enhance the resale value of the bicycle. Most importantly, they are a reflection of the rider. With the myriad of choices available, every cyclist can find a wrap that resonates with their personality, ensuring their bike isn't just another mode of transport, but an extension of who they are.

In conclusion, color change bicycle wraps have revolutionized the world of cycling. With brands like 3M, Avery, ORACAL, and Rwraps leading the charge, customization is no longer a luxury but a norm. Whether you're a professional cyclist, a daily commuter, or someone who enjoys leisurely rides, there's a wrap out there that's just for you. It's time to break away from the monotony, embrace individuality, and ride in style!

Reflective Bike Vinyl Wraps

Protect your bike's paint job and maintain your visibility at night and in bad weather with our high-quality, reflective bike wraps. Choose from industry leading films like 3M™'s Scotchlite Series, Avery™ V4000 or ORACAL® 5300 vinyl wraps. Not only can you get your choice of great, high-gloss colors but these wraps give you a nighttime and low-light reflectivity you just can't get with dips, sprays or Reflective Bike wraps!

3M™ Scotchlite Reflective Bike Wraps

3M™ Scotchlite Series 680 is a Reflective Bike Wrap film that shines brightly when struck by light during low-light conditions. This highly-reflective vinyl is made with permanent adhesives and Comply and Controltac™ technology. Originally designed for use on emergency vehicles, Series 680 films are now used to wrap Reflective Bikes, rims and other extreme temperature substrates due to its high-heat resistance. Take your wraps to the next level and get to wrapping your brake Reflective Bikes with eight different colors of Reflective vinyl. Industrial-grade Series 680 vinyl can handle high-heat applications and its permanent adhesive is super-aggressive and won't lift.

Avery Dennison® V4000 Reflective Vinyl Reflective Bike Wraps

Avery™'s newest line of retro-reflective vinyl, this film is built to deal with the high heat and extreme environment of your brake Reflective Bikes. Choose from six, reflective colors, you can use it to wrap without worrying about so-called bruising of the lenses. These films also meet or exceed the applicable requirements ASTM® D4956, Type 1 reflectivity levels, give you seven years of durability and feature patented, EasyApply™ adhesives.

ORALITE® 5300 Reflective Bike Wraps

This ORAFOL Reflective Bike Wrapping film is yours in six different colors in a 3 mil reflective, 7 year durability film. Featuring clear, solvent-based, permanent adhesives, the face of this retroreflective film is compatible with screen printing and thermal transfer.

High-Heat Reflective Bike Film Specs

Did you know that Black Reflective Bike film glows white at night! Whether you want to wrap for safety or one-of-a-kind style, these Scotchlite vinyl wraps are ideal for gentle curves and convex surfaces. Made for extreme weather, Series 680 films resists cold and high-heat so it won't crack or delaminate even in the coldest winters or hottest summer heat. Engineered with permanent adhesives we do not recommend wet application methods to apply this non-repositionable film.

  • All Reflective Bike wrap films retains reflectivity even when wet
  • Meets or exceeds Federal Specifications for reflectivity
  • Meant for dry application only
  • 7 to 9 Year Durability

Recommended Applications

The list below should give you an idea of some of the many uses of our Reflective Bike Wraps. Clearly, there are hundreds more but here are some of the most common:

  • Reflective Bike wraps
  • Standard vehicle graphics, detailing and decoration
  • Commercial vehicle and fleet graphics, emblems or striping
  • Watercraft graphics above the static water line

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