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Dash kits are the ideal way to truly personalize your late model Cadillac or freshen the look of a classic Deville, Seville or Eldorado. At Rvinyl we're passionate about helping you get the look you want so whether you have an ATS that's just begging for carbon fiber dash kit, an Escalade in need of a chrome dash kit or a CTS that needs a burlwood dash trim update we have the right interior trim kit for you. Don't settle for less when you can get the custom Cadillac dash kit you 've always wanted at a price that's too good to pass up. Buy your dash kit today and take advantage of our cash back rebate and low price guarantee!

The Art (and Science) of Cadillac Interiors

You would have to be blind not to have noticed that in the last fifteen years Cadillac has engineered a complete turnaround of its design philosophy. Emphasizing sharp lines and cutting-edge tech, the new Cadillac has returned to its perch at the height of American automotive luxury.

Over the course of his tenure at the company, Cadillac's head interior designer Eric Clough has worked indefatigably to incorporate this design language into all of the marque's cars, trucks and SUVs. And with the release of its first plug-in hybrid in 2014, Clough's job has become a all the more complicated: Cadillac needs not only to shape the luxury niche in the electric vehicle market in US but has to stay at the front of the pack by designing evermore stunning interiors.

Packaging and Trim

Clough's primary approach when designing the interior of the ELR and all future Cadillac's was to focus on the packaging and decorative trim. Of the two, the modifying the packaging of the interior has proven to be the most challenging aspect due to the architecture of modern Caddies. Due to the fact that the ducts of the HVAC have to be threaded through the electrical wiring behind the dash meant that the design of the instrument panels had to be made to be very tall and deep.

The dash trim used in the ELR and future Cadillac interiors attempt to communicate both luxury and high-tech amenities. As a result you have the blending of carbon fiber and wood grain trim pieces: something that would have been frowned upon only a decade ago. But, it seems to be working.

According to Clough, one reason for the success of the late model Cadillac interior trim scheme is the fact that they use real wood to make finishes like the olive ash burl and other real wood dash trim. Cadillac's use of sample, a species of mahogany, gives the cabins a distinctive appeal that is not easy to simulate and helps to justify the price tag.

Cadillac's Interior Dynamic Tension

By using heavily contrasting finishes in their choice of trim Cadillac designers create a visual and tactile tension that makes the driver experience that much more exciting. But, they didn't stop at the choice of materials: Clough's team has sought to communicate this dynamic tension in the design of the cockpit itself. By pairing symmetrical elements such as the infotainment screen with asymmetrical elements like the top pad that slopes over towards the driver, you get a completely edgy feel whether you're driving or taking a ride in the passenger seat.

It's clear that Cadillac has managed to reinvent itself in the last decade and become the darling of American luxury once more. But, what if you are no fan of blending wood grains with carbon fiber surfaces? Just because it has worked for Cadillac doesn't mean it works for everyone and, if you're reading this, you are almost certainly more demanding than your average enthusiast. So, what to do about a dynamic interior that you'd like to tone down just a bit (or simply unify the split-personality theme0? Simple: pick up a dash kit.

Cadillac Dash Kits: What You Get

When you buy Cadillac custom dash kit you want to know exactly what you'll get. As you'll see if you take a minute to browse our selection, every dash kit comes replete with a detailed schematic diagram showing you what you get and what is covered. And, if you don't yet see a diagram you can order a custom dash kit of your choice.

At the time of writing we offer the largest selection of dash kits anywhere. Whether you want OEM grade, dome polyurethane real carbon fiber kits like those made by Benevento or DL Auto, mid-line dash trim with industry-leading VHB adhesives and great finishes like camo and diamond plate or an ultra-affordable, super-complete Rvinyl dash kit we've got them all.

So, why wait? Restyle your Cadillac today with a premium dash kit in any finish imaginable. Just browse our selection and we're sure you'll find something as edgy and dynamic as the brand itself. In addition to our great interior trim options we've also got a lock on precut Cadillac window tint kits. Mix and match your VLTs, select full or partial kits and install easily with these pre-cut tint sections. Want to add the same tint and protection to your exterior too? Check out our smoked headlight tint, precut taillight covers and paint protection kits while you're here.

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