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DIY Lexus LS Precut Window Tint

The Lexus LS is the first generation full-size luxury Sedan that came with V8 engines, power adjusted seat and seat belts, and many other useful features in 1990. Get that murdered out look of limo tint on your LS's back windows or just add a little heat-reducing 35% tint to it. With Rtint™ precut window tints for your Lexus, you'll have a convenient and quick way to get the style you want at prices you can't afford to pass up. Nothing compares to the elegance and styling of Lexus cars, cross overs and SUVs and it's a fact that window tint can make or break the appearance of any ride. Because every precut kit we sell has been designed to fit your year, model and sub-model Lexus all of the heavy lifting has already been done for you. Just because you're driving a high priced Lexus does mean the cost of window tinting has to be high as well. Use our simple drop-down menu to select your vehicle's options and buy it now before we have to raise our prices.

The Lexus LS window tint kit is designed with the latest CAD technology and are computer cut to ensure a smooth edge that makes DIY installation a breeze. In addition, Rtint™ uses only the thinnest, single ply film to guarantee a painless installation that will blend seamlessly with the contours of your windshield and windows. We know you want a precut Lexus window tint kit that looks good and performs even better and we're sure that you'll be please wit the results. Get the bragging rights and the style you want when you buy a quick to install, low cost Lexus window tint kit today!

5 Benefits of a Lexus LS Precut Window Tint Kit

Buying DIY Lexus window tint isn't just about satisfying your needs for privacy and protection from harmful UV radiation, it's also about getting the look you want and the performance you deserve from your Lexus. Off the top off our heads we've decided to share a list of 5 benefits you get when you buy a precut kit for your Lex:

  1. You get convenience — easy ordering via our convenient website.
  2. You get it fast — all Rtint™ window tint kits ship within one business day!
  3. You're covered —  all Lexus window tints are protected Rvinyl's satisfaction guarantee.
  4. You get the lowest price — check out our Price Match guarantee.
  5. You can get cash back — we offer refunds for your photos of your window tints.

Cash Back & Bragging Rights

If you missed it, we'll say it again. We offer a cash back rebate for photos of your installed precut Lexus window tint. Whether you drive the latest model Lexus LS or a 20 year old LS, when you install your DIY tint kit we want to see the results. Worried about doing it yourself? Don't be. Every tint kit we ship out includes easy to understand instructions on how to clean and prepare your windows and how to install window tint. And if you're more the visual type, check out our growing selection of instructional and how-to videos.

A great feature about the tint kits we offer is that you can mix and match the shades when you buy a complete precut kit for your Lexus. For example, let's say you wanted 5% VLT on your LS's back windows and rear windshield and 20% on your front windows. Not a problem. Just use our quick and easy menu to select the shads you want. Because Rtint™ is available in 5, 20, 35 and 50% VLT there's always the right shade or combination for you. And, Rvinyl also offers partial kits as well. Looking to tint just tour front windows or rear windshield? Buy only what you need to save you time and money.

If you don't have the tools you need to finish the job don't forget to bundle them with your precut Lexus tint before checkout. You can get the professional window tint installation kit which includes all the spray and tools you need at a reduced price. If you want to buy à la carte or already have tint and just need a conqueror squeegee or window tint remover kit we've got those too. Submit your photos of your installed tint kit and review for a chance to receive our Cash back refund! We want to be your one stop shop for DIY Lexus window tinting so hurry up before we have to up our prices to pay for rising shipping costs and get yours today!

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