Saab DIY Window Tint Kits

DIY window tints are a great way to update the look of your Saab without the time, hassle or expense of bringing it to a so-called pro. Saab is known around the world as an innovative designer and manufacturer of luxury cars based in Sweden and which served as a vivid counterpoint to the more staid and conservative design principles of its southern, German rivals such as BMW and Benz. Whether you own a late model 9-3, a 9-7x or a vintage 9000 there's just no reason not to freshen its looks with high-quality and uber-affordable window tints. Don't even think of spending up to 3 times more for a professional tinter to tint your Saab's windows when you can do it for under $50. And, when you spend $49.99 or more your entire order ships free of charge right to your door! Don't delay, buy your Saab window tint kit today!

We Make It Easy for You

We've taken years to create the web's easiest and most customer friendly website. When you want to order a Saab precut window tint kit all you have to do is use our drop down menu selector to choose the make, model and year and you'll be presented with a diagram showing your Saab's windows. Once you click into the tint kit, you can then use our graphical interface which allows you to choose the tint percentage (5%, 20%, 35% or 50% VLT) for each window section by scrolling through the corresponding pictures. Choose your tint for your Saab's front windows, back windows, rear windshield or front visor in any combination of tints. Choose only one section for a partial kit at a reduced price or select all for the most complete kit on the market. The choice is yours and you get only the tint you need saving you time and money.

It's one thing to order your window tint but it's another to install it. Luckily for you, when you choose a precut tint kit from Rvinyl installation isn't much harder than making a purchase. We include easy to understand instructions with every kit that cover preparation, cleaning, installation and even after care but we also have a selection of video tutorials for those of you who are visual learners. But, even with the best instructions in the world we know that mistakes still happen sometimes which is why we also offer discounted replacements so you can fix anything you may have accidentally messed up during an install.

Know-how is only half the battle; you also need the tools for the job. That's why we make it easy for you to quickly add Gila's professional window tint installation kit to every order at a discounted price. With every kit you get a multi-purpose squeegee, an Exacto blade, a bottle of spray for tint application and a lint free cloth for use during and after installation. The only things that you have to supply yourself are patience, elbow grease and a heat gun.

Why Buy a DIY Saab Window Tint Kit

It should be pretty clear by now why you would want to buy a precut tint kit for your Saab but, since we like making things easy, we'll highlight some of the best features of these kits.

  • You save tons of money when you compare the cost of a Saab precut tint kit to what a shop charges.
  • You get an automatic 3-Year Warranty and discounted replacements on every order.
  • Your order ships the nest business day right to your door.

$20 Cash Back Rebates

When people hear the word rebate they usually cringe but Rvinyl's $20 cash back refund is different, we promise. All you have to do is buy and install the DIY Saab window tint kit and take 5 or more pictures of it. Then, upload or email us the photos and within a few days we will issue a refund of up to $20 to your account. Sound good? We think so too but hurry up and buy your kit today before we have to end this great promotion.

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