Buick Tail Light Tint

Buick is currently redesigning itself and the results of its over-haul are clear. Whether it's the sculptural styling of the Lucerne or the clean lines of the redesigned Regal, Buick is hitting hard with its new line-up . Put your confidence in a company with over a decade of experience in designing Buick tail light tint — trust Rvinyl.

When you choose an Rtint® Buick tail light tint kit you're getting the best for style and value. Designed here in Brooklyn, we make these tint covers from premium, triple ply film with the DIY installer in mind. Priced to move at less than a third of the competition you can't afford to pass up such great deal.

Why Choose Tint Film?

Let's face it: when you want to smoke out your taillights it seems like the most popular choices are dip and spray tints. Due to their popularity we carry both smoked Plasti-Dip and VHT Nite-Shades but that doesn't mean we have to like them.

Over time we've found that using either of the spray tints requires a lot more work and skill to get a good result. But, that's the least of your problems. When you use dip you may get a great looking matte smoked taillight but good luck keeping it on. Since Plasti-dip can be peeled off easily by scratching it with your fingernail, it's great for protecting the resale value of your ride but not so good if you want a look that lasts.

Nite-Shades give you just the opposite problem: once you spray on the tint it's not going to come off so you'd better know what you're doing. truth be told, it can be hard to make many coats of tint look good and too easy to end up ruining your tail lights. Get the best both worlds and buy a precut Buick tail light tint kit from us today.

More Choices

Not only will you be getting a tint that's durable and removable, you'll also get the widest selection of smoked films anywhere. Because we sell hundreds of tint kits every week we keep all our films in stock and offer more than a dozen different styles. Compare that to your local shop or our online competitors who offer 4 or 5 different shades at most and you'll see why it makes sense to buy an Rtint® taillight cover for your Buick. Our top 3 most popular taillight films are as follows:

  1. Smoke — This is our all-time favorite because it give just enough tinting with a high-gloss shine.
  2. Red Smoke — Designed to hide the amber or yellow portions of taillights.
  3. Matte Smoke —  Perfect for Plasti-Dip lovers.


Custom Tail Light Covers

If you've looked everywhere for a pair of vinyl tail light covers for your Buick but can't find it anywhere then you've come to the right place. Our convenient drop-down menu makes it easy to find your exact year, make and model. Once you've found it just choose your tint, add tools or fluids and check out. We'll follow up with an email asking for some more details. As soon as you reply we'll get right to work and within 7 to 21 business days your custom tail light tint kit will be shipped to your door.

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