Vinyl Film Comparison

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Compare Vinyl Films By Type

Over the years we've discovered that most of our customers aren't necessarily brand-loyal; they just want what works. That's why we've come up with the handy chart in the infographic above. Even though there are other brands of film on the market we've limited the comparison to Orafol, 3M™ and Avery™.

Calendered, Cast & Wraps

Although we've said it before, it bears repeating that a pretty good rule of thumb when deciding on an adhesive vinyl film is to break them up into the following three groups:

  1. Calendered Adhesive Film
  2. Cast Adhesive Film
  3. Wrap Adhesive Film

That's the convention that the chart follows and then looks at varying levels of quality. Just in case you'd like a bigger version of the chart please find it here:

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