The Benefits of 15% Window Tint

If you're looking to give your vehicle a distinct appearance, check out window tint from Rvinyl. You can add window tint to your vehicle to add privacy, set it apart from other vehicles on the street or mimic the look of a vintage car. When you buy from us, you can easily add high-quality window tint to your vehicles.

Rvinyl sells a range of tints for your vehicle, all available at a low price. You perform the installation yourself with total control over the project. Many of our customers prefer our 15% tint to transform their vehicles. It's pre-cut for you so you can put it on your windows in a snap. All you need is time and a steady hand to get everything in place correctly.

Restrictions for 15% Tint

Adding tint to your windows creates an attractive appearance. However, bear in mind that you should follow local laws regarding window tint and 15% tint may not be legal on the street in some locations. Check out your local ordinances to determine whether you can use tint on the vehicle you drive through town or on highways. Our tints are named based on how much light can shine into the vehicle. The 15% is lighter than other available tints as it only lets 15% of light through.

You can reserve darker tint for vehicles that don't go out on the road, such as:

  • Show cars
  • Track cars
  • Vehicles that work on private property

You can often put a lighter tint on the front windows and a darker one in the back, which still gives you the privacy you're looking for.

Types of 15% Tint Available

We sell 15% tint available in many different options. You can pick from:

  • Bulk rolls
  • Individual windows
  • Windshield visors
  • Precut kits

Consider beforehand where you want to apply the tint, which can guide your purchase choices. If you have a preference for a specific brand, we offer 15% tint from multiple brands. Our options include Rtint and Avery Dennison®, both respected names in the industry that deliver quality products.

Why Order Tint From Rvinyl?

Customers appreciate the mix of style and affordability of our products. When you buy from us, you'll get 15% tint that you can add and remove from your vehicle when you choose. Our products aren't permanent and you'll save money installing them yourself.

We love the idea of DIY automotive personalization. You can even use our kits on leased vehicles because they come off without leaving a trace behind. You keep the resale value of your vehicle high.

Tints add privacy to your vehicle and keep peering eyes from seeing into your car. You'll ensure your vehicle stands out with such personalization. Rvinyl lets you do more for less. Our money-saving options cost a third of what you'd pay at a shop, and our tint also helps protect you from dangerous UV rays. Place your order for 15% tint today through our vehicle selector or choose sheets or rolls. Contact us to learn more!