Shop 30% Window Tint for Your Vehicle

When you want your vehicle stand out, pick customization options that set it apart. One affordable way is to add 30% window tint to your vehicle. You'll increase your privacy and prevent people from peering into your backseat to see what you have. Many people also like how window tint keeps the vehicle cool in the summer, preventing the sun's bright rays from heating the interior.

Our customers appreciate the way window tinting looks. At Rvinyl, we sell 30% window tint that'll look fantastic on your vehicle. We have options you can apply yourself, which costs less than getting it done at a shop. You'll spend about a third of what you would with professional installation. Browse our options to find the right one for you.

What Is 30% Window Tint?

We sell different levels of tint that can protect your vehicle, from dark to light. We name our tints for the percentage of light they let in, so a 30% tint lets in 30% of sunlight and blocks out 70%. The lower the percentage, the darker it'll be in the vehicle. You must check local regulations to ensure the tint you pick is legal on the streets in your area. You can still use the darker tints on display or track vehicles.

What Types of 30% Tint Do We Sell?

Check out our wide selection of tint options. Our customers appreciate our variety, from rolls of 30% tint to kits and more. We have many tints available, including:

  • Bulk rolls
  • Individual windows
  • Windshield visors
  • Precut kits

Whatever you pick, you receive a three-year warranty on your purchase that covers cracking, fading and peeling. We also replace any defective films at no charge. You can apply our dash kits to leased vehicles because they're removable and preserve the resale value. We sell products from Rtint and Avery Dennison®, top manufacturers whose products you can trust.

Why Choose Rvinyl for Your Window Tint?

Rvinyl combines style and affordability. Our tints look fantastic on any vehicle, allowing you to personalize your ride. They're non-permanent, so you can remove them whenever you want a new look. Many of our customers take pride in performing the work themselves to get the look they want without added costs.

We offer free shipping on orders of more than $59. If you have a botched installation, we'll replace the tint at a discount. Our focus on customer service has generated more than 100,000 positive reviews on eBay. If you take pride in performing your work yourself, you'll love our products and selection.

You can use our Live Chat option (9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST) to ask questions about our products. Order today or contact us to learn more.