Why Choose 35% Tint?Why Choose 35% Window Tint

Tinting your windows is a great way to upgrade your car. Not only do tinted windows look better than standard windows, but they also help keep your vehicle cooler in summer. You also get the added benefit of decreased visibility into your vehicle when it's parked, making it less of a target for thieves. With so many reasons to tint your vehicles, the only question left is what tint level do you want?

One of our most popular automotive tint products is our lineup of 35 percent window tints. Available in precut kits that match your vehicle perfectly, as well as individual sheets and rolls, we have the ideal tint solution for your vehicle. At Rvinyl, we have built our reputation on offering:

  • Great selection
  • Competitive pricing
  • Unbeatable customer service
  • 3-year warranties (against cracking, peeling and fading)
  • Discounts for replacement of botched installations
  • Rebates for installers who submit photos after installation

Can you picture your vehicle with a 35% tint? Come and discover why more and more customers are buying 35% tint from Rvinyl and upgrading the looks of their vehicle with a quality tint that lasts!

Understanding Window Tint

Do you know what 35% tint is? The % refers to the amount of visible light that gets through your tint. A 35% tint allows 35% of light to get through, whereas a 75% tint allows 75% of light to get through. For show cars and vehicles that aren't licensed for the street, there are no limitations on how dark you can go. For passenger vehicles that travel on public roads, however, you need to be aware of state and federal legislation.

Every state has their own rules and laws on automotive tint, with some states referring to federal laws on the matter. We suggest you inquire into the amount of allowable tint in your state to be sure you're not at risk for a hefty fine and then have to remove your tint. In general, tint laws include rules for:

  • Driver and front passenger tint level
  • Rear passenger and rear side windows (in minivans and SUVs)
  • Front tint at the top of the windshield
  • Rear window tint

Take a minute to look up the laws for your state before you buy 35% window tint. Many of our customers install 35% dark tint on their rear side windows and choose a lighter tint for their front windows to create a cool, custom look that gives the most protection from light and heat possible.

Is 35% Tint a Light Shade?Is 35% a Light Tint Shade?

Are you familiar with the concept of tint percentages? Tint percentages refer to the amount of visible light that can pass through a tinted window. For instance, a 35% tint allows 35% of light to pass through, while a 75% tint allows 75% of light to pass through. It's important to understand that the lower the percentage, the darker the tint shade.

Now, when it comes to tint shades, it's crucial to consider the legal regulations that vary from state to state. For show cars or vehicles not licensed for street use, there are typically no limitations on how dark the tint can be. However, for passenger vehicles that are driven on public roads, it is necessary to be aware of state and federal legislation regarding tint darkness.

While the term 'light tint shade' can be somewhat subjective, a 35% tint is generally considered a medium shade on the tint spectrum. In comparison, the darkest tint available by most window film manufacturers is 5% tint, also known as limo tint. It's important to note that 35% tint is legal for front windows in many states, making it a highly popular choice among vehicle owners.

So, in summary, while 35% tint may not be categorized as a light shade, it falls within the medium range, allowing 35% of light to pass through. Its popularity and legal acceptance in numerous states make it a favored option for many individuals seeking a balance between tint darkness and compliance with regulations.

Can You See through 35% Tint at Night?Will I Be Able to See Through 35% Tint at Night?

Yes, it is possible to see through 35% tint at night. This level of tint, with a 35% Visible Light Transmission (VLT) rating, is designed to strike a balance between style, privacy, and visibility. Although it provides a certain level of darkness during the day to enhance privacy and add a stylish appearance to your vehicle, it still allows enough light to pass through to maintain good visibility. This means that even after dark, when external light sources are limited, you should be able to see through the tinted windows without significant hindrance. However, it is important to note that the legality of window tints varies from state to state, and it is essential to check the specific tinting regulations in your location to ensure compliance with the law.

What Makes Rvinyl Stand Out?

You don't become an online leader in automotive window tints by accident. We're proud of our reputation here at Rvinyl.com and continue to offer more value to our customers through:

  • Our friendly and helpful customer service representatives
  • Competitive pricing on kits, sheets and rolls of tint
  • More tint options for your vehicle
  • A 3-year guarantee against cracking, peeling and fading

Installing your own automotive tint isn't complicated, but it does take a steady hand. All orders include detailed instructions on how to prep your windows and install your tint. If ever you do make a mistake, we're happy to offer a discount on a replacement order. We make installing your 35% tint easier with our precut kits that are sized perfectly for your vehicle. There's no trimming or cutting necessary, saving you time and hassle.

When you see how affordable tinting your vehicle is, you'll want to tint all of your cars, trucks, vans and SUVs! Our individual 35 percent window tint sheets and rolls are also available if you want to tint an older vehicle that isn't on our list or tint other windows such as:

  • Trailers
  • Campers
  • Truck caps
  • Boats
  • Custom vehicles with non-standard windows

Once you've got the knack of applying our tint, you'll see how fast and easy it can be to change the look and feel of your vehicle. Window tint makes a huge difference in the summer and our 35% tint option is especially popular in southern states and warm climates. Even if you live in a cooler region, window tint gives you increased privacy and keeps prying eyes out of your vehicle. There are lots of reasons for applying tint to your car's windows, so choose the affordable choice — Rvinyl.com!

Finding the 35 Percent Window Tint You Want

If you've decided to go with 35 percent tint, the next step is easy. We have set up our site with drop-down lists that make it simple to locate your vehicle. Simply select your year, make and model of vehicle and we will propose the kit that suits.

To obtain answers to your questions, you can also fill in our online contact form. Our team would be happy to get you the information you need to help you choose the right tint for your vehicle. We are also available through our live chat (9-5 EST) to discuss your window tint needs and point you in the right direction. It couldn't be easier to find top-quality window tints at an affordable price, so start looking now!