DIY Volvo Headlight Tint Kits

Precut headlights tint kits are simply the best way to add style, comfort and privacy to your Volvo in no time at all. Our DIY kits make it easy to freshen the look of your 240, C70 or V60 because they are CAD designed and computer cut for the utmost accuracy and precision. Why pay a pro up to 4 times as much for a sub-par tint job when you can tint your Volvo yourself and get better results?

Worried that we don't carry a precut headlights tint kit for your Volvo. Don't be silly! We carry tint kits for just about every Volvo on the road today so whether you have a 740, S80 or an XC90 we've got the tint you've been looking for. And, in the case that you still can't find a set for your lights, we also offer custom headlight tints designed to your specifications. Simpley choose your make, model, year and color and within 7 to 21 business days you'll have apair of pre cut headlight covers.

Easy Ordering. Hassle-free Installation.

Because we want the entire DIY headlights tinting process to be as easy and fun as possible we've put a lot of thought into the design of our website. We've made it incredibly easy to find your model of Volvo by using out drop-down menus and made selecting your headlights tints ridiculously simply by letting you order by using pictures. Simply choose your desired VLT (5%, 20%, 35% or 50%) by selecting the corresponding pictures of shaded headlights tint for your model. Scroll through the percentages to choose your front, back, rear windshield or visor and mix and match to get just the right combination to suit your taste and comply with tint laws.

Just like we've taken the time to make ordering simple we've done the same when it comes to installation. The precut tints take the guesswork out of tinting your Volvo's headlightss and each kit also includes an easy to follow, single page guide. Not a big reader and more of a visual learner? We've got you covered without growing collection of video guides and tutorials. Of course, accidents happen despite the best laid plans so we are happy to offer discounted replacements for every headlights tint kit we sell.

Why Choose Our Volvo Headlight Tint Kits?

There are a bunch of great reasons to buy our DIY Volvo headlights tint kits but we won't bore you with long lists. Here's three great reason you should buy a precut tint kit today:

  • Savings —  Spend a quarter of what you would at a local shop.
  • Guarantees —  When you buy from us you get a 3-Year Guarantee, Discounted Replacements and our Low Price Guarantee too!
  • Convenience —  Fast shipping to your door with next day fulfillment.

Cash Back for Your Tints

How do you like the sound of getting up to a $20 cash back refund just for sending in pics of your DIY headlights tint job? We're sure you like it as much as we do and all you have to do is buy a precut tint kit, install it and take 5 or more photos of it from multiple angles. Then, you can use our convenient upload page or email us photos of your Volvo and we'll issue your refund within a few days' time. Do you really need any more reason to buy your tint from us now? Take the plunge and get more than half your cash back when you send us your installation photos.

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by Wichterigc, TX 3.50

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I'm sure that this would've looked absolutely awesome on my 2011 C30. I bought the kit and brought it to a family member who regularly installs window and headlight tint to put on. When we held the tint up to the headlight, it was roughly 3 inches too short. While my uncle was skeptical of how much it would stretch, he tried anyways and couldn't get it to stretch and cover. While we just threw it out, I'm sure it would've looked really good, it just seemed to be cut a little bit too small.


3.50 | 1 Reviews