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SW900 Series Vinyl Film
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Vehicle Rim Wraps

Vehicle Rim Wraps

Looking for a simple way to add style to your ride? Rvinyl rim wrap kits are available in a variety of colors, styles and finishes, and make it easy to:

  • Customize your vehicle: Wheel wraps are a great way to add a pop of color to your vehicle. Choose a glossy neutral, muted bold hue or something in between to create the ride you've always wanted.
  • Protect your paint: If you've recently had your rims painted, a clear vinyl wrap can protect your investment from dirt or scuffs and keep your wheels looking good as new for years. Since our films apply smoothly, your paint job will remain visible and free of distracting bubbles.
  • Add resale value: Upgraded rims are an eye-catching way to prep your vehicle for resale and let your potential buyers know you've taken good care of your ride. Don't forget to mention how durable and versatile our wraps are. If they want a new color or style, they don't have to worry about damaging the wheel or paint job underneath.

How Long Does It Take to Wrap Wheel Rims?

A professional can wrap your rims in one day to two days, depending on their availability and demand at the time of your appointment. If you plan to do your vinyl wheel wrap yourself, schedule a few hours or set aside an afternoon to get the job done. It's also a good idea to recruit some friends to help.

How Long Do Rim Wraps Last?

With proper care and application, quality rim wraps will last five years to seven years, sometimes longer. Many people achieve the best results when they remove and reapply their rim wraps at the four-year mark.

Follow these steps to maintain your rim wraps:

  • Avoid the pressure washer: High-pressure water jets can damage your vinyl wrap, potentially pulling it away from the rim's surface. This could cause peeling over time. Instead, spot cleans your wheels with water, vehicle-approved cleaner, and a non-abrasive cloth.
  • Mind the sun: While most Rvinyl wheel wraps are fade-resistant, you will see the best results by avoiding prolonged UV exposure. When possible, park your car in a shaded or indoor area.
  • Know your wrap: Some types of wrap finishes and textures have different care instructions than others. For example, you should never apply wax or polish to a matte wrap, which could ruin the finish. Follow all recommendations, and contact a member of our team if you have any questions.

How Much Does It Cost to Wrap Car Wheels?

Rim wrap installation cost varies depending on whether you choose professional or do-it-yourself installation, what shop you use, the number of wheels you're wrapping, and the type of vinyl you select. While having rim wraps installed by a shop can cost as much as $300, we have found that customers usually pay a third of that when they purchase our kits.

Our DIY installation kits mean you don't have to worry about your vehicle being out of commission or stuck at the shop for days. We offer a time-saving alternative that lets you choose when, where, and how to personalize your truck or car.

What Brands of Rim Wraps Are Available?

What Brands of Rim Wraps Are Available?

We offer the following brands and series of vinyl wheel rim wraps:

  • 3M™ 1080 and 2080 Series Wraps: 3M creates some of the most reliable adhesives in the industry, and their high-performing film is no exception. Each Series 1080 and 2080 3M rim wrap kit comes with film and instructions, perfect for a DIYer.
  • Avery Dennison® SW900 Supreme Wrapping Films: Avery Dennison rim wraps are easy to install and secure to all your wheel's flat edges and curves. Avery Dennison crafted these wheel wraps with your investment in mind, which is why each SW900 dual-layer film has an anticipated life span of up to 12 years.
  • ORAFOL 970RA and 975 Structure Vinyl: One reason our clients love ORAFOL vinyl rim wraps is the ability to choose from more than 100 one-of-a-kind styles and patterns. Pair your wheel wrap with other ORACAL auto vinyl to create a cohesive look that stands out from the crowd.
  • Rwraps™ Vinyl Wrap Films: Rwraps vinyl wheel wraps and films have more finishes than any other brand, including showstoppers like Holographic Chrome, Neon Fluorescent, and Velvet. They are also a cost-efficient way to outfit your entire ride, from the dashboard to your rims.

How to Wrap Your Rims in 6 Steps

Whether you're adding a wrap to your new wheels or upgrading an existing ride, application is easy.

How to Wrap Your Rims

How to Wrap Spoked Rims

Although not all rims are spoked they do present a different challange andrequire different techniques for successful installation which is why we had the Wrap Institute make another wheel rim wrap video specifically dedicated to spoked wheels.

Rim Wraps From Rvinyl

Top manufacturers designed our rim wrap films for use right out of the box — no complicated printing or overlaminate application required. Since our films have multiple strong, damage-resistant color layers, you can count on them not to warp, peel or fade, even around challenging curves and shapes. You'll love the convenience of our professional-level DIY vinyl kits.

Our rim wraps are made from the highest-quality wrapping films by great brands like 3M™, Avery Dennison, ORAFOL and more. DIY wheel rim wrap kits allow you to upgrade the look of your rims to a truly custom look in a matter of minutes. This is a huge time-saver for you, and with semi-permanent vinyl film, you can also remove it whenever you want without sacrificing the original look or resale value of your ride or aftermarket rims.

When you shop with Rvinyl, you get:

  • A variety of design options: Our multi-cast vinyl film is available in more than 200 different colors and styles. Popular finishes include Brushed, Carbon Fiber and Honeycomb, for a bold custom look on your ride.
  • Stress-free installation: Pressure-sensitive adhesives make it easy to apply your wheel film. Just use a heat gun while smoothing your wrap onto the rims, and then work out any remaining air pockets after the film cures.
  • Smooth application: Our vinyl wraps have invisible, air-drain channels for bubble-free results. Simply follow the instructions that come with your kit for results that rival professional applications.
  • Multiple types available: Rvinyl sells semi-permanent and removable films by the foot, in rolls up to 25 yards in length. 

Get Long-Lasting Rim Wraps From Rvinyl

Your vehicle is an investment — help it look its best with rim wraps from Rvinyl. We are proud to offer long-lasting wheel film from the top manufacturers in the industry, backed by our dedication to your satisfaction. We have everything you need to create the custom ride of your dreams, including:

  • Headlight and taillight tints
  • Vehicle wraps
  • Window tints
  • Caliper wraps
  • Interior trim kits

Shop our rim wraps and automotive accessories today!

Shop our rim wraps and automotive accessories today!


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Satin Wrap
by Marcello E Cavallo Jr, Vineland New Jersey 5.00

review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
I’m new to the wrap game but through trial and error and research I had fun doing it, the thing is it’s not permanent and you can always take it off, just be patient and do your homework, I give the professional wrappers a lot of credit,

Good value
by Albert, 4.00

review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
The wraps were very easy to install and provided a sleek and stylish look to my mustang's rims. The material is of high quality and has held up well against wear and tear, but not road rash. The black color also adds a nice touch of contrast to my car's overall appearance. Overall, I highly recommend.
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wheel wrap
by tahoe guy, southern ca. 4.50

review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
I have 18 year old Foose rims I wanted to update then without spending a ton, I first did the peelable paint whichs looks good but I wanted to show some of the chrome (not doable with the paint method) so I ordered the minimual amount of the 3m 2080 gloss black, it actually looks amazing black with chrome accents. It took me about 5 hours to do one rim and I didnt do the greatest job I'm satisifed I know I'll do better job on the next rim. I am very satisfied and will be ordering enough to finsh the other three rims tonight. The service from R Vinyl was fantasic my order arrived in 2 days !!!!
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4.50 | 3 Reviews