A Sophisticated Interior Upgrade

Aluminum dash kits give any do-it-yourself installer the ability to upgrade and customize their vehicle’s interior at a fraction of the cost that professional shops would charge. When you buy from us you’re paying dealer prices and saving on the inflated costs of labor. Choose from Rdash® brushed aluminum or satin silver finishes, a high-gloss, urethane coated kit from Benevento, DL Auto or real aluminum trim from American Car Craft. Whichever aluminum dash kit option you choose you can feel good knowing that you’ve gotten a great deal and, when it comes time to show off your work, you can take pride that you did all of the work yourself.

A Variety of Styles to Choose

Rdash® brushed aluminum trim really is on the leading of edge of automotive customization technology. Every kit is designed and manufactured using air release technology for a bubble-free installation and a glove-like fit. Even better because it’s made using pressure sensitive, semi-permanent adhesives, you know that it won’t damage your vehicle’s dash if you choose to remove it which makes it perfect for leased cars. As if all of these weren’t good enough reasons for you to pick up a aluminum trim kit, our wide range of color choices should be more than enough to push you over the edge.

Not only do our brushed aluminum kits feature the most realistic appearance on the market due to their textured finish and the metallic flake injected into the film itself but we also offer a number of different colored aluminum trim options as well. Nowhere else will you find colors like black, blue, gold, teal, red or green. Add the brushed metallic look to your interior and while complementing your interior color scheme. Where else but at Rvinyl can you find this kind of custom dash trim?

Satin Silver Trim

In addition to brushed aluminum, we also offer a satin silver finish as well by a number of trim manufacturers such as Benevento and DL Auto. These satin silver kits have a metallic flake but without the textured striations and is the ideal finish for today’s digital aesthetic popularized by Apple computers through their use of satin finished aluminum in their MacBook and MacBook Air products. So, whether you pick a polyurethane domed, laser cut dash trim kit by Benevento or an ultra-thin, semi-permanent Rdash® kit you know you'll be at the forefront of value and style.

Aircraft Grade Aluminum

American Car Craft is well-known throughout the auto accessory world as purveyors of high-quality, custom-made stainless-steel accessories. Based right here in the USA, American Car Craft is dedicated to making automotive trim from only the highest quality materials and to standards unparalleled in the world of aftermarket accessories. If it’s stainless or chrome you’re looking for then a dash kit from American Car Craft would be the perfect finishing touch to your custom ride.

Designed and manufactured by the some of the most innovative companies in the world of automotive customization, we're proud to offer dash kits from American Car Craft, Rdash® and Benevento. We've done our homework and took the time to bring you only the best in terms of quality, price and design so you can rest assured knowing that whichever option you choose the end result will be a great looking dashboard and a wallet full of bills.

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Rdash® Brushed Aluminum Dash Kits

Custom Brushed Aluminum Dash Trim

Rdash® Brushed Aluminum dash kits give you the look and feel of real aluminum for a price you can't resist. Choose from 9 bold colors to complement your interior. All Rdash® kits are made to order right here in the USA and ship to you witin one business day. Why pay more and get less? Buy an Rdash® Aluminum dash trim kit today!