Custom Brushed Aluminum Dash Kits

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Ford Mustang Brushed Aluminum Dash Kit

Custom Aluminum Dash Kits

At Rvinyl, we've spent years trying to design and manufacture the most unique, innovative and affordable dash kits on the market. The result is our line of Rdash® vinyl dash trim kits which give you the look and feel of real aluminum, wood, chrome and carbon fiber at the price of vinyl wraps. Clearly, there are a few traditional dash trim manufacturers who are none too happy with our Rdash® lines but we don't work for — we work for you, our customers. So, without further ado, let's begin our photographic tour through Brushed Aluminum dash kits.

Realistic Brushed Finish

Just take a look at the close-up of the Mustang and Nissan Titan dash kits above and you'll see that our Brushed Aluminum kits are indistinguishable from the real thing. Every Rdash® Aluminum trim kit is made with specialty vinyl film that has an actual grain you can feel. That, coupled with a metallic flake embedded in the finish, gives our dash kits and wraps an appearance that will fool anyone. Why pay hundreds of dollars more for an interior trim kit made from real aluminum when it will end up looking like an add-on or after-thought? Get the seamless look of Brushed Aluminum with our 3 mil thick Rdash® kits in a variety of colors.

Red Brushed Aluminum Dash Kits

Nine Colors of Aluminum to Choose

Speaking of colors, check out the Red Brushed Aluminum door panel above. Like our standard Gray and Silver Aluminum finishes our colored finishes have an ultra-realistic grain but are available in 7 other bold, custom colors. Choose from Green, Gold, Teal, Gunmetal, Red, Blue or Black. Now you can get the subtle, refined look of a matte Aluminum finish in a color that complements your interior.

Infiniti I30 Brushed Aluminum Dash Kit

VW GTI Aluminum Dash Kits

Rdash® Brushed Aluminum Scion tC Dash Kits

Hundreds of Dash Kits to Choose

Now that you've seen the colors its time for us to reveal our ridiculously large selection of custom, precut dash kits. Still not sure what a dash kit is? Well, you know those fancy cars like Mercedes and Lexus that have wood trim in them? That trim is actually an add on. In the case of dash trim you buy from the dealership, that translates into thousands of dollars in additional expense. At Rvinyl, we provide the same type of trim but at a much lower price and made for you to install yourself. Just browse our selection of Brushed Aluminum dash kits using our convenient drop-down menus to select your make, model and year (e.g., Ford Mustang 2009). Once you find the kit you want, choose your finish, add any tools you might want and check out. Your kit will then be made to order and ship to your door within one business day! Don't try that with other dash kit companies based in Mexico that can take three weeks more to ship your kit!

Rdash® Brushed Aluminum Dodge Caliber Dash Kits

Rdash® Brushed Aluminum Scion xB Dash Kits

Rdash® Brushed Aluminum Honda Civic Dash Kits

Custom Dash Kit Design

Let's say you've browsed our selection but you don't see a kit in our existing inventory? No worries! At Rvinyl, one of our top selling Aluminum dash kit accessories has been our custom-design trim kits. For less than the cost of a Remin or B&I dash kit you can get an Rdash® Brushed Aluminum dash kit made to order for you. Just order the kit you need and within minutes will send an email asking you to confirm your vehicle's details. Once we get your reply we'll begin work and in 7 to 21 business days will ship out your custom kit. Like what you hear? Well, don't just sit there, upgrade your interior today!

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