A Great Way to Upgrade Your Interior

If you're reading this article it is pretty safe bet that you are the type of enthusiast who loves to work on their car or truck not only to impress their friends and family but simply for the love of your ride. The drive to modify, customize and personalize can be almost an obsession for many of us and it often means that we'll go to the ends of the earth in order to get our latest aftermarket fix and spend every last penny of our paycheck while we're at it.

Truth be told, there really aren't many addictions which are more all consuming or expensive, especially when you the word "custom" is attached to whichever part or accessory you've got in mind. Fortunately for you, custom Rdash trim kits happen to be one of those rare exceptions in the world of aftermarket parts, meaning that they won't cost you an arm and a leg to buy and they are designed to be installed without the assistance of a shop or mechanic. Sounds good doesn't it? Well, we certainly think so but before we get too far ahead of ourselves it seems like a good idea to explain what a dash trim kit is for the benefit of anyone who doesn't know.

Dash Trim Kits: What Are They?

In the simplest terms a dash trim kit is a cosmetic upgrade for the dashboard of your car or truck. Most dash kits on the market today attach to your dash using adhesive although some use mechanical fasteners like clips or even screws. The Rdash custom dash kits which we're discussing in this article happen to be the former and are made from premium quality, self-adhesive vinyl film which are precut to be applied over your existing dash as accents. What does this mean? Jut that a dash kit will not completely cover the trim pieces and panels it is dressing up so if there is existing trim it may look strange (in this case we at Rvinyl.com always recommend a dash wrap over a precut kit).

Are Custom Dash Kits For Me?

Now that we've got a basic understanding of what a dash kit is and, even more importantly, what an Rdash trim kit is, we can turn to the subject of our article: custom dash kits. Anyone who has done a search online can tell you that most dash kits sold by companies like B&I Trim Sherwood Dash and others cost hundreds of dollars. Worse yet, even when you've got the money to shell out for one of these kits you may find that no one sells a kit for your vehicle. And, this, my friends, is where Rdash custom-designed interior dash kits come in. In those cases where you can't find a kit for your vehicle anywhere else or all of the available kits on the market are simply too expensive Rdash offers you the option of having a dash kit designed for you at a fixed price of $79.99. Simply choose your year, make, model and specify the details in the follow up email we send out to ensure their designers have all the information they need to begin and in 7 to 14 business days your dash kit will ship out

Still have questions? Check out our full catalog here of custom dash kits or contact us and we we'll be happy to help!